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Degree Overview & Requirements

Understanding Your Degree Requirements
Each program of study at CU Denver has both common and unique degree requirements, and it is important for you to have a good understanding of each requirement. You can find an accurate record of the degree requirements for all university programs in the online University Catalog​.

The University Catalog is updated and published annually to include any new or changed degree requirements. In general, students should follow the degree requirements for the catalog year in which they entered the university and/or the program of study. If you are a student who has changed your major at least once at CU Denver or you were re-admitted to CU Denver following an absence of one or more years, please see your advisor to verify an accurate understanding of your degree requirements.

The requirements to earn a CU Denver degree are broken up into four different areas in the University Catalog. You should familiarize yourself with each of these areas to ensure a full understanding of your degree:

 General Graduation Requirements

General Graduation Requirements ​

General graduation requirements are the minimum standards that must be fulfilled for any student to earn a CU Denver degree. The general graduation requirements include minimum standards related to applicable credit hours, GPA requirements, and transfer credit limits. Note that many schools/colleges/programs at CU Denver have higher minimum standards for their students, which is why it is important to check these requirements, as well. ​


 CU Denver Core Curriculum

CU Denver Core Curriculum​

CU Denver subscribes to a liberal arts philosophy of education in order to develop a broad set of academic skills for the baccalaureate student and to establish a foundation for lifelong learning. Since 1990, the CU Denver Core Curriculum of general education has been a campus-wide program for all undergraduate students, independent of the student’s major. (This text is taken right from the catalog.) 


 School or College Graduation Requirements

School/College Graduation Requirements​

Each school/college at CU Denver has its own set of minimum standards required for students to graduate from their programs. The school/college requirements include minimum standards related to required courses, applicable credit hours, and GPA requirements. 


 Major or Program Requirements


The Programs section of the University Catalog lists each undergraduate program of study at CU Denver, including majors, areas of emphasis, minors, and certificate programs. Under each program link, you will find a brief summary of the program, along with a detailed listing of course requirements and policies for that program. 


Degree Requirements for Undeclared Students
Still undecided about your program of study or wishing to explore other programs? The University Catalog is a great place to research programs and areas in which you might be interested. Because the Core Curriculum requirements are the same across all CU Denver programs, these courses are easily transferrable across programs once you choose a major or switch to a new major. We recommend discussing with your academic advisor how Core Curriculum requirements might also overlap with major requirements in your areas of interest. 

We also encourage you to utilize the tools and resources listed in this section under “Explore Majors​.”

Degree Planner within the University Catalog
On both the CU Denver Core Curriculum and Programs pages in the University Catalog, you will see the Print Degree Planner icon, which looks like this: DegPlan Icon Single.pngClicking this icon will open a printer-friendly worksheet version of these requirements, allowing you to more easily keep track of requirements you have completed and those you still need to fulfill. The Degree Planner tool within the catalog can be used to complement the Degree Audit Report found within UCD Access. Below is an example of the degree planner for the BS Architecture major: 

Degree Planner Example - Architecture BS 2015-2016.pdfDegree Planner Example - Architecture BS 2015-2016.pdf

When reviewing the program choices that CU Denver offers, you can print a draft of the degree plan, add that program to your favorites list, obtain a print-friendly page of the program overview, or ask for help in navigating and personalizing the catalog, respectively, by clicking on the icons you see below, in the upper, right-hand corner on each program overview page. DegPlan Icon Group.png

Degree Audits​
The degree audit is an automated tool you can use to monitor degree requirements are being followed. The effectiveness of this tool is greatly enhanced when reviewed with your advisor. Please be sure to work with your advisor to successfully manage your degree progress to graduation.

General overview:​

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