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While some students enter college knowing what they will major in, others may experience uncertainties ranging from not knowing how to identify their interests and/or strengths to understanding how their strengths and interests can be aligned with a particular major. The reassuring news is you don’t have to enter college knowing exactly what you want to do, and being initially undeclared can open you up to more options and possibilities. That said, please note that if you are undecided about your major it is important to work closely with an academic advisor who can help you explore your options early.

At CU Denver, a cadre of trained academic advisors in the Center for Undergraduate Exploration & Advising (CUE & A) are here to assist students with interest inventory and major exploration. Advising in CUE & A  is often done on a one-on-one basis and sessions are tailored to meet individual student needs. As a supplemental resource, this page is designed to provide you with the guidance you need to begin this exploration on your own. There are many great online resources, both at CU Denver and beyond, that you can utilize to delve into your research for a potential major. Below are a few of our favorites. Do note that many of the links will take you to other universities' websites that we think would be helpful for you.

If, on the other hand, you are sure about your intended major at CU Denver, please click here to connect with your academic advisor.


Career, Major Exploration and Decision Making Links

What you will find: Academic advisors who work with undeclared students, among other majors, on a semester basis and until they declare a major. 

CU Denver Career Center 
What you’ll find: Career counselors who can provide you with great information about majors and careers, links to online assessments, information about upcoming events on campus and links to other major and career exploration websites. 
What you’ll find: A number of assessments to learn about yourself in many different ways. Explore how who you are matches with careers and possible majors. 
What you’ll find: Good general information about various majors and associated careers. Click on several majors that you might consider to see what you could expect to do with them. 
What you’ll find: A quiz for matching your personal strengths with majors. Also has general information about majors from Marquette University, including a description of the major and associated careers. ​
What you’ll find: Information about majors, choosing a major, and career opportunities. ​

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