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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

CU Anschutz Shares

Help for students who need it

students standing in a circle supporting each other

CU Anschutz Shares is a resource available to currently enrolled CU Anschutz students facing temporary financial hardship resulting from unanticipated and unavoidable situations such as:


Ø  Accidents

Ø  Medical or dental emergencies

Ø  Natural disasters

Ø  Homelessness

Ø  Family death

Ø  Food insecurity, etc.


Applicat​ion Process:

To submit an application, fill out this online form​.

Students will receive follow-up correspondence from a committee member within two business days of submitting the application.

Please keep in mind that applications and inquiries will not be responded to on weekends or weekdays after 5pm. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please utilize the following resources:


If you are currently experiencing a life-threatening or other emergency situation, please call 9-1-1.

photo of the arch sculpture outside of the school of pharmacyAdditional Resources: 

City of Aurora Resources (shelters, food, other basic needs, and more)

Denver Human Services (info about General Assistance Programs)

U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or Volunteers of America- Colorado Branch for more information on shelters and emergency housing.

CU Anschutz Food Pantry: provides access to non-perishable food and hygiene items for CU Anschutz students in need. All students are welcome (must have current student ID). The CU Anschutz Food Pantry is located in Building 407 (University Police) and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Student Eligibility ​Guidelines

To be eligible for consideration, a student...

·        Must be experiencing an unanticipated situation (as previously defined)

·        Must be currently enrolled and regularly attending at least one course at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus

·        Can provide sufficient documentation of current need

·       Must exhaust all other possible financial resources (e.g. student loans, Medicaid, personal financial accounts, family/friends, community resources, etc.) before applying for student emergency funds.


Funding for this program is limited and available solely through donations. Consequently, all other campus and community resources will be explored and exhausted before funds are allocated. Funds will not be distributed unless the student is experiencing financial hardship resulting from an unanticipated situation that threatens the student’s ability to successfully complete the current semester. Each application will be handled on a case by case basis.


*Please note: Funding from the CU Anschutz Shares program is not intended to substitute for the regular scholarship or financial aid process. Receiving funds through this program may impact your financial aid package. Please schedule a consultation with a financial aid advisor​ to discuss your options.


photo of spiral shape made in snow by students in boettcher commonsExamples of Qu​alifying Expenses

  • Medications
  • Safety Needs (e.g. changing a lock)
  • Replacement of essential personal belongings due to fire, theft, or natural disaster
  • Short-term/emergency housing


Expenses tha​t will not be covered:

  • Normal and anticipated academic expenses (e.g. tuition, fees, health insurance, books, long-term housing expenses)
  • Non-essential utilities (Phone bills, internet)
  • Parking tickets
  • Cost of entertainment or recreation
  • Legal costs/fees


*The expenses mentioned above (both covered and uncovered) are only examples and not an exhaustive list. Each case will be handled on an individual basis.


CU Anschutz Shares Contact Information 

Phone: (303) 724.2866


Location: Education 2 North, 3rd floor, suite 3200​