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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

The RTD CollegePass

Everything you want to know about the CU Anschutz RTD CollegePass!

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The RTD CollegePass - What is it? This information is for CU Anschutz students only - CU Denver students can find details regarding their CollegePass here.

The CU Anschutz RTD CollegePass​ provides access to all regular, fixed-route service in the Denver Metro area for local, regional and express buses, light rail, Call-n-Ride anSkyRide. Not included in the RTD College Pass program are special services such as Access-a-Ride, BroncosRide, RockiesRide, etc. Any student enrolled in one or more credit hours, including students who are taking all their classes online, are able to use the RTD pass every semester in which they're enrolled.

smartcard-lightrail-collegepass.jpgThe CollegePass is useful not just for getting to and from campus, but also anywhere that RTD services are available. Students can take the Flatirons Flyer to Boulder, take the train to the plane, or use just about any other RTD service available using their CollegePass. Find out more about getting to and from campus using RTD, or find out where else RTD can take you using the RTD Trip Planner​ tool. You can also have easy access to RTD's scheduling and trip planning tools through their Mobile Ticketing App​

As a CU Anschutz student, how do I get my RTD CollegePass?

Many CU Anschutz schools and colleges provide time during orientation to get your pass. If you don’t get your pass at orientation you can get your CollegePass after the fee is reflected on your account. To pick up your CollegePass email Badging and Security Services at or 303.724.0399 with your name and student ID number. They will contact you to set up an appointment to pick up your pass.

Once I'​​ve received my CollegePass, do I need to do anything to renew it?

No. Your CollegePass will continue to work as long as you're continuously enrolled at CU Anschutz. If you ​withdraw or go on a leave of absence, however, your pass will stop working and you will need to get a new one upon your return. If your pass ever stops working unexpectedly, contact Badging and Security Services at or 303.724.0399 and the badging office will investigate the issue.


I've transferred to CU Anschutz from ​another institution. Will the CollegePass I got there still work?

No - ​because each university is billed separately by RTD, your old CollegePass will likely stop working and you will need to get a new one from CU Anschutz. This applies even if you're transferring from another CU campus.

I've lost my ​RTD Colle​gePass! Can I get a replacement?
Yes. Contact Badging and Security Services​​ to set up an appointment. They can issue a new pass for a $20 replacement fee.

local-bus_28782161050_o.jpgI'm in a certificate program - do I qualify to receive a CollegePass?
In most cases, students in certificate programs (or students who are not in degree-seeking status) are not eligible to participate in the RTD CollegePass program. The easiest way to tell is to check your bill - if the RTD CollegePass fee is listed on your bill for a given term, then you can opt into the program. 

If you aren't sure, just reach out to us and we can confirm for you.

Can I w​aive the RTD CollegePass?

The RTD CollegePass is funded through a fee that is part of the student fee package all students are required to pay. However, under certain specific circumstances, some students may be elligible to waive the pass and the associated fee. 

To waive, submit a request using our online form before the deadline of a given semester (see below). You will need to provide the documentation requested under ‘Reason for requesting waiver.’ Filing a waiver request does not guarantee the waiver will be approved.  Requests are reviewed weekly, and students will be notified of approval or denial status. Approved waivers will be reflected in student accounts within five business days of confirmation of approval. Please note that this process must be completed every semester in which a student is enrolled. 

Denver campus students: This waiver process only applies for students whose primary campus is CU Anschutz. If your primary campus is CU Denver (including Anschutz employees taking classes at CU Denver), you can not waive through our office. Please reach out to the Auraria ID Station​ for more information.

For more information about the qualifications to waive the RTD CollegePass, see our frequently asked questions​.

Waiver Periods for 2019-20:

Spring 2020 - Monday, December 9 - Friday, February 14