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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

Lost and Found

Did a personal item go missing? Here are a few places to look.

Photo of a professor assisting a student in a classroom

If you lost an item on campus, there are a few places to which it may have been returned:

Te​​chnical Support Services Lost and Found

Contact Technical Support Services (TSS) at (303) 724-8129 or stop by their office on the 5th floor of Education 2 North, room 5124, to see if your lost items were turned in. 

Facilities Management Lost and Found

For items overlooked for a longer period of time, contact the Facilities Management Office (located in the Campus Service Building on 19th and Wheeling) at (303) 724-1777 and ask if your belongings were turned in there by janitorial or other staff.​

University P​olice

If your item is of greater value (including your campus badge), contact University Police​ at (303) 724-4444 to inquire about it.

If you lose your campus badge, contact the Security Badging Office (303) 724-0399 immediately so your badge can be remotely deactivated. You will be re-issued a new ID with all your old permissions/setting intact.