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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

Child Care Resources

Give the best to your little ones! Here are some resources.

Photo of student graduating with her baby son

​There are childcare resource options very close ro CU Anschutz.

The Fitzsimons Early Learning Center is located across from the Fitzsimons Credit Union on 23rd Avenue and Wheeling. The center serves children who are legal dependents of staff and students of the CU Anschutz. 

Compositive Primary is a new primary school opening in fall of 2019 that will offer year-round, strengths-based primary-education with priority enrollment given to dependents of students and staff at CU Anschutz. They will also offer market-value 'before -' and 'after care.' 

Public ​​Schools

Several K-12 school settings in the Denver-Metro area offer pre-school and child care before and after school hours. Here are some useful resources:

Additional Resources

Helpful information regarding choosing and finding childcare can be found at Childcare offers an online search engine for nannies and babysitters, as well as a directory of local child care centers.

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