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University of Colorado Anschutz


Vice President of Finance: 

Emily Jensen


Senator Attendance 101

I'm Subbing for a senator - what do I do? 

Come to the meeting, sign in for your senator with your name & indicate you're a sub. Take notes for your class and senator, and have fun!

I'm a Senator and need to miss a meeting - who do I contact? 


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Finance Committee

Anschutz Student Senate





      2018 Excellence Awards Nomination form AMC.pdf2018 Excellence Awards Nomination Form 

Excellence Awards Submittal Deadline Extended to April 20th

The Senate Finance Committee is traditionally responsible for managing the Professional Development Assistance Program which provides CU Anschutz students reimbursement for certain education related expenses such as:  registration fees and travel to events, conferences and student organization meetings.


Other roles of the committee: keep account of the Student Senate budget and inform Senate regarding the availability of funds for expenditure; provide campus wide programming on finace related subjects, monitor senator attendance; verification of class eligibility for student activity fund disbursement.  The Finance Committee (one senator representing each college/program/school at CU Anschutz) also sits on the Academic Student Advisory Committee, as well as the CU Anschutz Student Fee Review Committee.

These are the traditional and compulsory roles of the Finance Committee. 

The Senate Professional Development Assistance Program
A portion of the Student Senate budget is appropriated for providing Professional Development Assistance (PDA) awards to reimburse CU Anschutz students for expenses incurred during events related to their educational development.   Events attended must have taken place within the United States (no international events will be reimbursed).  Each application will be reviewed and decided upon on an individual basis by the Student Senate Finance Committee. Senate will attempt to award funds on an equal and fair basis. There is no guarantee on the award or amount provided. This program is strictly for reimbursement.  

There are many students requesting reimbursement, so this is a competitive process. 

Therefore incomplete forms will be returned and may not be resubmitted. 
Forms turned in late will be docked 25%.  


                     Finance PDA Form 2018-2019


PDA Form Due Dates for 2018-2019


Travel Dates Between                      Application Deadline by 5:00 PM on:

7/1/18 – 8/31/18                                                Friday, September 14, 2017


9/1/18 – 10/31/18                                              Friday, November 16, 2017


11/1/18 – 1/8/19                                                Friday, January 18, 2018


1/9/19 – 1/31/19                                                Friday, February 15, 2018


2/1/19 – 2/28/19                                                 Friday, March 15, 2018


3/1/19 – 3/31/19                                                 Friday, April 12, 2018


4/1/19 – 6/30/19                                                 Friday, July 12, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Campus Student Services (OCSS), (Ed II North building, 3rd floor, office 3204), may also be able to answer your questions; please keep in mind, however, that the SAO is not directly involved in the program or allocation of its awards.

AMC Student Senate Professional Development Assistance

Conference Registration & Lodging

What might result in my reimbursement being denied?

We can’t find your name on the receipt.
We need proof that you paid with your money—students can’t hand in a receipt that their program paid for and get reimbursed for something that didn’t come out of their pocket.
Also, receipt documentation MUST include the name of the event, location, dates attended.
 If your receipt does not include this information, you must attach conference materials with conference dates and location of the conference that ‘match’ your receipts. 

What we need:
1: Credit Card Receipt or Cancelled Check from an account in your name
2: Conference Receipt/Lodging Receipt with your name –
3.  Conference Registration Receipt or Conference Lodging Receipt with your name, that tells us you paid with a credit card, or check number, OR, paid in CASH. 
This has to be completed by the entity issuing the receipt
- you cannot write this in yourself

Pay attention to this!
– if you turn in a PDA form and your accompanying documentation does not include this, your request will be denied,
and you will not be able to re-submit paperwork. 
**Make sure your request includes the information we need** 
Your future as a health care professional and/or researcher requires proper documentation of your work.
Consider this a ‘documentation drill’. 

You shared a room. Your friend paid the tab and you just paid them back.
This is FINE by us but we need two things.
What we need:
1: Make sure the hotel puts all your names on the hotel receipt and give us a copy. 
If you plan on sneaking in 6 students to a 2-person room, that may get you in trouble with the hotel.  Play that game at your peril. 
Senate will still require the documentation indicated below.

2: If the hotel won’t list all those staying in a room (even if they know there are four of you, yet they insist on listing only ONE as primary payer), you must include a copy of the cancelled check with which you paid back your friend.  
Include a clear note of what the payment was for “For Conference Hotel” and your signature.  This note must have 1) their name, 2) your name, 3) original signatures from both of you, and 4) accompany your reimbursement request. 

IMPORTANT: If your program or professional organization paid for your conference fee, and your hotel was also free, Good for You!  You have no further expenses from this particular conference/event that are eligible for reimbursement from Student Senate.

If you had to reimburse your program or professional organization, they must issue a receipt on letterhead, documenting your check number or that you paid in cash (we know most entities associated with student orgs or the University do NOT accept credit cards).  This receipting method also requires the name of the official/entity accepting your payment, their signature, date and method of payment.