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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

Short-Term Housing

If you are visiting the Anschutz Medical Campus and would like short-term living arrangements, please visit the RotatingRoom website 


Rotating Roomthe sublet website for students, by students, is a student-run sublet website designed to help medical and health care professional students find and post sublets when doing away rotations. It was started in the summer of 2009, and has since grown from a couple of schools in Boston and New York to now featuring dozens of schools across the country. It has already helped hundreds of students, and my hope is that it will soon cover all of the medical schools in the country.


Rotating Room was designed specifically for medical students to address these issues by emphasizing:

1. Improved sublet posting: The site automatically generates a unique page for each sublet, including details about the room, a map of the sublet, a panoramic street view, and customized (and automated) public transit directions to the hospital. Moreover, your sublet will be come up in a search for any nearby hospital, including for other medical schools!

2. Improved search and visualization: Visiting students can search by the school and hospital at which they are rotating, and see available sublets on a Google map sorted by proximity to that hospital. Visitors can sort results by distance, availability, and cost.

3. Limited to students: Only students are able to post and inquire about sublets, helping increasing the comfort level by subletting to another student. All inquiries are mediated by the site itself, so your contact information will never be posted or revealed. If you have a room available to sublet, or need a place to stay while doing an away rotation (or other travel), take a look at!


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