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Renter Law - Assistance with Housing Issues

​Even a great lease can have problems! If you're experiencing trouble at your rental property, Renter Law is your primary source for tenant rights information and services. Renter Law serves the community by offering landlord/tenant information and referrals on housing-related issues as well as legal resources. 

Their mission is to empower tenants for successful rental relationships with landlords. To accomplish this, they provide legal and practical knowledge which can be quickly incorporated into the task of managing your home. Whatever the problem is, they will help you garner the knowledge that you will need to make your next housing agreement a positive one. If all else fails, they offer referrals, consultation, mediation and litigation so feel free to contact them with all your lease/landlord/tenants questions or concerns.

Some of Renter Law's services are free and some are not so please call and ask about their rates. For a list of their frequently asked questions and answers, click here.





C. E. Abernethy, Attorney at Law 
3570 E. 12th Ave. #200 
Denver, Colorado 80206
(303) 830-7917


Colorado Springs

C. E. Abernethy, Attorney at Law 
102 S. Tejon Suite 1100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
(719) 578-3342