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University of Colorado Denver

The Office of Student Assistance

Office of Campus Student Services

Tutoring Services

Referred Tutoring

The Office of Campus Student Services (OCSS) offers tutoring services to all enrolled degree-seeking students within the Professional and Graduate programs on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The services our tutors provide will assist students with understand concepts and develop problem-solving skills specifically for “basic science” course content.


Tutoring for coursework, which is considered as ‘skills coursework’ or courses specific to a professional training program is managed by the college/school/program in which the student is enrolled. 


In order for OCSS to provide financial support for a student's tutoring assistance, a faculty member(s) or Student Affairs personnel must refer a student.  However, in certain cases, students are able to refer themselves.  If a student does refer himself or herself, OCSS will consult with the program student affairs personnel. 


College of Nursing: Shane Hoon:

Colorado School of Public Health: Bem Weirauch: 

Graduate School: Dr. Shawna McMahon:

Physical Therapy: Mary Jane Rapport, PhD:

Physician Assistant Program: Cathy Ruff:

School of Dental Medicine: Eric Mediavilla, DDS:

School of Medicine: Matt Rustici:

School of Pharmacy: Beverly Brunson:

Masters of Anatomy: Jill Thurston:

Anesthesiology Assistant: Carlos Rodriguez:


Students will receive tutor contact information and make arrangements to meet with designated tutor(s) for the specific course.  Feel free to email Campus Student Services for more information.


A referral form must be completed:CU Anschutz Tutor Referral Form 


Non-Referred Tutoring

Tutors are hired by the Office of Campus Student Services to help students who have been referred by their faculty/student affairs offices as having difficulty with course content.  Depending on tutor availability, students seeking review assistance without referral may also use these resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. 


Contact the Office of Campus Student Services (Lia Nelson-James, Coordinator of Services and Programs) with any questions regarding this service at 303/724-7684 or  Campus Student Services



Please Note: Denver Campus students, please call the Learning Resource Center for all learning assistance/tutoring services at 303-556-2802


Students that use the OCSS tutoring services must complete a survey at the end of the tutoring session.  If not completed, the OCSS has the rights to discontinue financial support for tutoring. Complete Survey