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Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver

Degree Audit

Make sure you're on track to complete your program.

Current Students

For students enrolled the Fall 2013 term or after, you can assess your academic progress and stay on track to get your degree with a degree audit. Your audit will show you how your CU Anschutz​ completed course work, transferred credits and current credits in progress are counting toward your declared degree.



For more info, check out How To: Accessing Your Degree Audit (pdf).

Questions or issues about your audit? Submit a Degree Audit Questions Form in Internet Explorer.


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 How to read your ​degree audit

Your degree audit is divided into the following sections:

  • College, degree, major, and catalog year information

    The report begins by listing a student's unique information. It is important to verify the degree(s), major(s), option(s), and catalog year listed. Any discrepancies should be reported to an advisor.

  • Charts and graphs summary

    This section displays charts and graphs that summarize GPA and credit load information. The charts and graphs can display core, major and elective GPA and credits completed data. Clicking on a section of the graph will display a chart displaying specific completed requirement GPA, and credit information.

  • FERPA statement, declared program, advisor, and summary of credit toward graduation

    This section includes The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act statement, indicates the declared degree program and credit hours earned at CU, transfer credit hours earned at other institutions, and a GPA section. Please note that the CU GPA includes courses completed at any CU campus (Boulder, Colorado Springs, The Anschutz Medical Campus and/or Denver). It does not include GPA information from other transfer colleges.

  • Academic requirements and sub-requirements

    The degree audit contains lists of requirements. Requirements are made up of sub-requirements. The red “X” indicates the requirement or one of its sub-requirements has not been fulfilled. A green open check mark with the letters “IP” indicates that the requirement and its sub-requirements are completed using in-progress courses. A green closed check mark indicates the requirement and its sub-requirements are completed.

  • Work not applied to this program

    This section will list course work that does not complete a specific program requirement. Contact an advisor if a course that meets a program requirement appears in this section.

  • Repeated Courses

    Though students may take any course more than once, course credit toward graduation is typically counted only once for a given course, unless otherwise noted in the course description. Non-applicable repeat credit will be removed from the total hour count in the degree audit report.

  • Legend

    This section gives an explanation of symbols and grades used in the audit.

  • Course History

    The degree audit displays a list of all course work taken by term. This list includes transfer course work and course work taken at CU Denver.