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Undergraduate Admissions: University of Colorado Denver

Admission Promise

Student Testimonials


To help us serve new transfer students better, we interviewed current transfer students and asked them about their experiences. Here are the questions and answers we received from two transfer students, Karly Porter and Archie Dalton.

Karly Porter
Transfer student from Community College of Denver, Reisher Scholarship Recipient, Business Major

  • How was your experience when transferring?
    "After dropping out of Overland HS my sophomore year, I eventually started at CCD. I did two years there and worked with the Denver Transfer Initiative that was very helpful in connecting me to the CU Business School. That transfer program made me feel so welcome."
  • What about barriers in the transfer process?
    "There are so many barriers for transfer students including correct advising, navigating the admission process and knowing what people to talk to. I am a non-traditional support and didn't have parents to guide me so additional support from CU Denver and CCD through the transfer program was very important."
  • Why would a program like this be helpful?
    "Guidance is so important and so many non-traditional students who don't have outside guidance or connections to this campus, so the personal connection with the academic advisors will make a significant difference."
  • What advice would you give new transfer students?
    "Advisors will be your best friends while you are here. Advising and graduation plans are incredibly important. Manage your time wisely and as soon as you realize you want to transfer, immediately contact school and see what needs to be done. Contact the scholarship office right away—many things are done a year in advance—don't wait until you're ready to register and start now."


Archie Dalton
Transfer student from CCD, 3D Animation Major

  • Why is a program like the Admission Promise Important?
    "It would have been really helpful knowing the program specifics to work with a CU advisor and to understand long-term how my classes will work out after I transferred in. There was lots of information I just didn't know about the specifics of my degree program…"
  • What about barriers in the transfer process?
    "Understanding the transfer credits can be a huge obstacle for students and I think the Denver Admission Promise can be incredibly helpful for improving retention on both ends."
  • What are some tips for incoming transfer students?
    "Don't waste your COFF funding and your financial aid for classes that won't affect your program or won't help you in the long-term for your degree program. Finding the details of your program and what  classes you need to take will expedite the entire graduation process."

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