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Undergraduate Admissions: University of Colorado Denver

Admission Promise

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about the Admission Promise program.

If you have additional questions please submit them through our contact form or call 303.315.1889.​

 What is the CC to CU Denver Admission Promise program?

The CC to CU Denver Admission Promise is a program where students from the Colorado Community College System can easily and seamlessly transfer to CU Denver to achieve a bachelor’s degree. Students who meet the requirements of the program are automatically admitted to CU Denver. Students receive academic advising support to make this transition when they are attending community college and after they transfer to CU Denver.



 Do I qualify?

​You must be a first time-freshman in your first semester at one of the community college participating in the program. A first-time freshman is defined as having no college credit enrollements after gradduation from high school or after earnig a GED. There are no high school GPA or ACT/SAT test requirements to participate in this program. Once you are admitted to the Admission Promise program, your continued participation depends on meeting its requirements.2

 Which community colleges are participating in the CC to CU Denver Admission Promise?

The following public community colleges in the Denver Metro area are participating in the Admission Promise program: Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College, Morgan Community College, Pikes Peak Community College, and Red Rocks Community College.



 How do I register for the Admission Promise program?

​Registration is simple. Interested students first apply online at one of the participating community colleges. The community college application has a link to the CU Denver Admission Promise program and you simply check the box to indicate your intent to participate inthe program. If you have already been accepted at a participating community college and are a first-time freshman enrolled in your first semester, you may apply to the program by completing the online form. ​​4

 Once I have completed my associates degree, am I automatically admitted to CU Denver?

Yes, so long as you have met the requirements of the Admission Promise agreement. And as you transition to the University, you will continue to receive advising help. By the time you complete your associate’s degree, you will have visited CU Denver more than once, met with faculty in your major, learned about the pace and expectations of University coursework, and become familiar with the student services available to you. The Admission Promise goal is to help you transition smoothly from your community college to CU Denver and achieve your goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree.



 If I don't meet the GPA requirements or other terms of the program, can I still attend CU Denver?

Yes, you may be able to. As long as you have met the state-wide guaranteed transfer requirements (listed at​), you may be admitted as a  traditional transfer student to the College of Liberal Arts and Science.



 How much does the Admission Promise Program cost?

There is no charge for participating  in the Admission Promise program; guidance from  University advisors is provided free of charge. And students who complete the Admission Promise and earn an associate’s degree won’t have to pay the transfer application fee. Of course, you are responsible for paying the tuition and fees charged at your community college and, upon transfer, at CU Denver.



 Will I have any housing requirements?

Transfer students in the Admission Promise program are not required to live on campus. As a CU Denver student, you will automatically have access to an RTD transit pass (bus and light rail) that can help you get to campus from home or work.



 What if I didn't sign up for the Admission Promise program? Can I still transfer to CU Denver?

Students who didn’t sign up for the program during the application process or who previously attended college can still transfer to CU Denver. The University participates in the statewide        guaranteed transfer program and has joint agreements with other public colleges and universities in the state to assist with student transfer. Please talk with your community college advisor for other transfer options if you don’t qualify for the Admissions Promise. In addition, the Admissions Office of CU Denver will advise you about transferring to the University to complete a baccalaureate degree.  Please visit our Transfer Admission Center for more information:​ .



 How is the CU Denver Admission Promise program different from other transfer options?

Access to a CU Denver advisor: As a CU Denver Admission Promise participant, you will have access to a CU Denver academic advisor during your first semester at the community college.  You will be required to meet with your CU Denver advisor every semester to help keep you on track for eventually  earning your bachelor’s degree at CU Denver.  University majors have pre-requisites—courses that are essential foundations for advanced study in each particular field. Your Admission Promise advisor can help you select the classes that best fit the requirements of your chosen major at CU Denver. Selecting these community college courses will provide you with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge areas you will need to be successful in pursuing a bachelors degree. Additionally, your community college advisor will help you select the courses you need to earn your AA or AS degree. This means you will have two advisors who will support and assist you in reaching your goals.

Access to CU Denver workshops: As an Admission Promise participant, you will be invited to the CU Denver campus for various workshops and events that will help you become familiar with        resources available on campus. You will have a chance to meet faculty and students in your chosen field while you are attending the community college.  To receive announcements about our events, please follow us on Facebook:

$50 CU Denver application fee will be waived.  Graduates of the Admission Promise program have their transfer application fee (currently $50) waived.



 How do I find an advisor from CU Denver?

The Admission Promise program coordinator will contact you and connect you with an advisor from the major area you wish to pursue. If you are unclear about a major, you will be connected with an advisor who can help you select an appropriate major that fits with your talents and career goals.



 Is this program for me?

If you plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree after you finish your associates degree, then this program may be right for you. Check out the many undergraduate degrees at CU Denver to find the degree that is right for you.  Visit our main website for more information:


If you want a University of Colorado degree but think you cannot afford it, then the Admission Promise may help you achieve your dream by providing a guaranteed path to transfer; meet the  requirements of the Admission Promise and CU Denver guarantees to welcome you as a junior transfer student.


If you are not yet decided about your major, the Admission Promise may still be a good choice for you. Your CU Denver advisor, as well as your community college advisor, can suggest majors that lead to careers that fit your talents and goals.


If you are planning to enroll at one of the metro Denver community colleges, chances are that CU Denver is within commuting distance (using your University-issued RTD transit pass). Courses are offered days and evening, weekends, and on-line to fit the schedules of students, most of whom work while going to school.


If you want to complete your college education efficiently and earn your bachelor’s degree from a premier urban university then the Admission Promise is a good choice for you. CU Denver provides high quality undergraduate programs, opportunities for out-of-classroom learning through internships, undergraduate research and service learning, and a path to post-baccalaureate professional programs. Financial aid and some scholarship programs are available.




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