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Tuition & Fees

The numbers below reflect 2018 costs. PLEASE NOTE: As of FALL 2019, there will be fee changes. To learn more, contact International Admissions directly at:


Standard Tuition Rate
​​​​​Bachelors Program
(typically 120 credits)
per credit hour Full-time 
(12 credits)
(15 credits)​
(30 credits)​
​Standard Tuition $997.00 ​​$11,964.00 ​$14,955.00 $29,910.00

Specialized Tuition Rates
​​Bachelors Program
(typically 120 credits)
​per credit hour ​Full-time
(12 credits)
(15 credits)
(30 credits)
​Business and Engineering & Applied Science Tuition $1,047.00
$12,564.00 $15,705.00 $31,410.00
​Digital Animation Tuition $1,080.00 $12,960.00 $16,200.00 $32,400.00
​Anschutz Medical Campus:
Bachelor of Science
in Nursing**​
$10,800.00 $13,500.00 $27,000.00
​​​Master's Program
(Typically 30-36 credits)
​per credit hour ​Full-time
(6 credits)
(9 credits)
(18 credits)
​Business School ​$1,365.00 ​$8,190.00 ​$12,285.00 ​$24,570.00
​College of Arch. & Planning ​$1,243.00 ​$7,458.00 ​$11,187.00 ​$22,347.00
​College of Arts & Media ​$1,243.00 ​$7,458.00 ​$11,187.00 ​$22,347.00
​College of Engineering ​$1,365.00 ​$8,190.00 ​$12,285.00 ​$24,570.00
​College of Liberal Arts ​$1,243.00 ​$7,458.00 ​$11,187.00 ​$22,347.00
​School of Education ​$1,243.00 ​$7,458.00 ​$11,187.00 ​$22,347.00
​School of Public Affairs ​$1,243.00 ​$7,458.00 ​$11,187.00 ​$22,347.00
​College of Nursing ​$1,030.00 ​$6,180.00 ​$9,270.00 ​$18,540.00
​School of Public Health ​$1,215.00 ​$7,290.00 ​$10,935.00 ​$21,870.00


Please contact the department directly for fee information or visit the tuition schedule for the desired program on the Bursar’s Graduate and Professional Tuition and Fees webpage​. ​​



Students enrolled on campus, full-time are subject to the mandatory fee schedule.  The fee total varies slightly by program but it is estimated to be approximately $2,313. Schools and colleges may require a fee for instructional program support and there is a fee for enrolling in each online course.

International students will be required to provide evidence that they can meet the financial obligation of attending the University of Colorado Denver.  In addition to tuition and fees, international students can expect to include living expenses such as room and board estimated at $14,229.00 for und​ergraduate students and $19,080.00 for graduate students.​



Unless you are a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident, Refugee, or Asylee, it is unlikely that you will qualify for in-state tuition no matter how long you have been living in Colorado.  If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact​



Please understand that you should expect to pay non-resident tuition throughout your academic career at the University of Colorado Denver.  Tuition classification is governed by Colorado statutes that apply to all state-funded institutions in Colorado. Institutions are bound by the provisions of this statute and are not free to make exceptions to the rules.  According to the Colorado Department of Education, F-1 students cannot qualify for in-state tuition.  




The tuition rates do not apply to or include Extended Studies credit hours. Tuition for each Extended Studies course is charged in addition to tuition for any "Main Campus" credit hours and is established by the individual University Department/College offering the course. For questions about the tuition rate for a particular Extended Studies course, please contact the offering Department/College. ​


Note on I-20 Figures 

The amount of financial support documentation required from International Student and Scholar Services​ for the generation of an I-20 or other immigration related documentation is not the final amount of your CU Denver bill.

** The College of Nursing offers multiple undergraduate nursing programs on the Anschutz Medical Campus. Tuition may vary by program. ​

* Official source: This information can be found at our Web site:​. Tuition and fees have been established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and are subject to change at any time. 


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