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Costs & Financial Aid

Estimated Costs (USD)
​​​​​Undergraduate Costs ​Per Academic Year
​Tuition & Fees* ​$30,885
​Living Expenses ​$14,940
​Books & Insurance ​$4,016
​Total I-20 Amount ​$49,841

Estimated Costs (USD)
​Graduate Costs ​Per Academic Year
​Per Academic Year
(College of Architecture and Planning)
Tuition & Fees **​ ​$19,973 ​$49,513
​Living Expe​​nses ​$21,249 ​$21,249
​Books & Insurance ​$3,566 ​$4,016
​Total I-20 Amount ​$44,608 ​$74,778


The tuition & fees amounts listed above are estimates for planning purposes only, using the non-resident tuition classification appropriate for international students (see below for more information). Tuition & fees are subject to change and vary by program of study. Tuition for most programs is assessed on a per-credit-hour basis. Fees may be assessed per credit hour, per term, or by other means. 

For more information about tuition & fees, please see the following pages:

 - Downtown Denver Campus: Tuition & Fees

 - Anschutz Medical Campus: Tuition & Fees



Your total cost to attend CU Denver includes more than your tuition & fees - you will also need to consider your housing, food, travel, health insurance, textbooks, etc. Before you can apply for your US student visa, you must prove to CU Denver that you have the necessary funding to support your first year of study. 

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides estimated cost of attendance information for every program of study. For more information, please see this page or contact

The university also provides general cost of attendance information, which you may find useful. Note: this information is designed for domestic (US) students. Denver​ | Anschutz



International students are typically classified as non-residents of the State of Colorado for tuition purposes. This means you can expect to pay a higher, out-of-state tuition rate during your entire CU Denver career, unless you qualify for one of the exceptions listed below.

Colorado residency status for tuition purposes (tuition classification) is established during your admission process. Initial residency is based on your answers to question in your application for admission. To request a change to your resiency status after arriving at CU Denver, you may petition for in-state tuition classification on the Registrar's website (Denver | Anschutz).


1. Non-F/J Visas: If your legal presence in Colorado is for a purpose other than studying, and you are on a temporary visa other than F-1 or J-1, you may petition for in-state tuition classification.

2. F-1 Dependents of Eligible Nonimmigrants: If you are on an F-1 student visa, you may petition for in-state tuition if ALL of the following conditions are true: a) you are under the age of 23, b) you live in Colorado with your parents, and c) your parents are eligible to establish in-state residency. 

3. MPA Students from China and CIS Countries: International students admitted to the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program​ who are citizens of the People's Republic of China or a Commonwealth of Independent States member country are assigned in-state tuition. Note: this applies to a maximum of 25 students per year, and 50 students total at any time.


FINANCIAL AID and scholarships

​Undergraduate Students: 

CU Denver offers merit-based scholarships up to 50% off tuition for international freshmen. You can learn more and submit your application here.

Scholarship application deadlines:

Fall semester: February 15

Spring Semester: September 15

Graduate Students: 

Scholarships: Graduate scholarships may be available on a program-by-program basis. Contact your department for more information. You can also visit this page and search for "international" to see a list of available scholarships.

Teaching Appointments: Many departments employ graduate students as part-time instructors or teaching assistants. Contact your department for more information.

Research Assistantships: Graduate students may be able to obtain part-time work as research assistants in many departments. Such funds are from external grants obtained by faculty members. Contact your department for more information.



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