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Workshops and Seminars

Presentation - June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Pharmacy Building V20-2000A



David Bourne, Ph.D.
Joined Faculty (DOPS) June 2013
Academic Technology and PK Teaching and Research

Academic Technology

World Wide Web

  • html (Language of the Web)
    PK Course Home PK Course Syllabus Page PK Course Example Page
  • javascript (JS) (Interactivity - calculators, form checking)
    Calculation Using Cp<sub>average</sub> Cp<sub>average</sub> MM Kinetics Calculate Cp after Fast and Slow Infusion
  • html5, JS, css (Dashcode, Hype)
    Cp after Oral Administration Cp before, during and after hemodialysis Cp after multiple iv administration
  • java applet (Uses Java)
    Relationship between Clearance, Volume and Half-life Renal Excretion and Liver Metabolism Models
  • php (Language for the Web)
    Determine Parameters from Post IV Infusion Data Non compartment Analysis IV Administration Simulation of Drug Response
  • mysql (Database)
    The Problem - AUC Enter answers Grade answers

eBooks (iBooks: iBooks Author - pdf: Many)

Basic Pharmacokinetics Pharm Math

EMail Forum (listserv - PharmPK)
Software Development - Boomer (Fortran)

Canvas (Fall 2013)
Adobe Presenter (uses Flash)
Hype (Macintosh - html5, JS, css - Prescription Reading?)
OpenLabyrinth (OTC Counseling Practice?)
Pharmacy Prescription Practice (David Sawyer - Filemaker (Faculty User))
MyDispense - another Dispensing Example (VCP - (davidb))
Second Life

Future Plans

More Canvas - Quiz format? Other questions?
Regular Meetings - eBooks, web pages, etc....?
Faculty/Staff Directory?

Need help? David Bourne ( - V20-4116)