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University of Colorado Denver

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Faculty Committees


The Admissions Committee shall consist of at least five faculty members, four students, one pharmacy professional and one alumnus and report to the faculty and administration.  The committee is a standing faculty committee in the School charged by the Dean to oversee admissions policies and procedures for the Doctor of Pharmacy program.  In so doing, the admissions committee will evaluate and recommend changes in admissions policy and review all applicants to assure acceptance of qualified candidates into the PharmD program.

Charges to the Committee:

  1. Review all applications for admission to the entry-level PharmD program and recommend admission of qualified applicants to the Dean.
  2. Utilize an admissions process that meets accreditation standards and prepare the requisite reports in a timely fashion.
  3. Implement a data-driven, analytic approach to evaluate existing admissions policies and procedures and recommend appropriate changes to the faculty and Dean.
  4. Implement changes in admissions policies and procedures, including the development of pipeline programs, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the admissions process.
  5. Maintain opportunities for participation of the pharmacy practice community in the admissions process.

2013-2014 Admissions Committee

  • Faculty Members
    • Christina Aquilante, Chair
    • Jon Campbell
    • Jennifer Kiser
    • Uday Kompella
    • Jennifer Trujillo
  • Student Members
    • MaLaura Creiger (P1)
    • Catherine Repetti (P2)
    • Erin Wada (P3)
    • Jenna Katz (P4)
  • External Members
    • Melanie Bohn
    • Sue Mead
  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Beverly Brunson
    • Candido Chacon
    • Shaun Gleason
    • Cathy Jarvis