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Patient Care

Pharmacy students provide care at Veteran’s Fair


Pharmacy students participated in the 2014 KEZW Studio 1430 Veterans Fair on Saturday, Oct. 4, providing a number of services to 400 veterans and their family members.

The students offered blood pressure tests, bone density screenings, medication checklists to assist with medication management and flu shots.

These services allowed veterans to receive hassle-free healthcare and provided them with valuable information about their health. In fact, several health fair attendees said that based on some of their test results, they plan to go to the doctor for further help with health issues they didn’t even realize they had.

Janet Hesterwerth said that she learned some shocking information about her health after stopping at one of the Skagg School of Pharmacy’s tables. Several years earlier, Janet suffered from high blood pressure, but she thought she had the problem under control and, as a result, quit taking her medication. This, however, was not the case.

“I thought I was healthy, but whoa, not after today. I will need to get back into the doctor and start taking the medication again,” she said.

Another health fair attendee, Ann Olson, was shocked to learn that so many people die from accidental overdoses of prescription medication. She said, “The drug awareness was very helpful and I had no idea that the death rate was so high. You definitely need an advocate and someone to help you understand the medications you are taking, so you can avoid a bad interaction.”

Providing the public with this kind of information will help to create a healthier state, which is one of the goals of the of our school.

Pharmacy students participate in a wide of variety of health fairs, aimed at informing and providing medical care to the community. Second-year pharmacy student Marina Maes said that this is the second health fair she has staffed this semester and she is already planning to volunteer at a flu clinic next month.

These opportunities not only support the community, they also provide pharmacy students with a glimpse into life as a pharmacist.