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The Colorado Collaborative for Nursing Research (CCNR) can provide expert research support at every stage of a client’s project. Project support begins with a consultation so we can listen and understand project needs before making any suggestions. In order to receive a consultation, the client must complete the online project-registration form linked below.  
After the scope of work has been agreed upon, all project communication and updates will occur through Basecamp--our online project-tracking system--which will be accessible to all designated project members/stakeholders.
The tabbed list below outlines services available through the CCNR. If you are unsure about an existing service or the availability of a service not on the list, please contact Jason Weiss (
Project Registration Form




 Project Information





Statistical Consultation
· Utilize advanced statistical methods, such as
o Regression, ANOVA, & other Linear Models
o Multivariate Analysis (factor analysis, PCA, cluster analysis)
o Categorical data analysis
o Longitudinal & multi-level data
o Structural Equation Modeling
· Organize research and sample design
· Analyze program information to answer questions about process/outcomes, efficiency, and effectiveness
· Design questionnaires
· Conduct surveys from sampling to data management
· Perform power analyses
· Interpret results and provide written reports
· Write statistical methods and results
· Identify appropriate journals for publication
· Proofread and edit articles
· Help craft responses to reviewer comments
Data Management
· Develop strategies to enhance data value
· Store data sets of any size
· Create data bases
· Clean data to ensure integrity & quality
Literature Searches
· Perform literature searches
· Identify resources to support EBP, clinical decision-making, research, or education
Grant Development
· Identify appropriate funding agencies
· Generate specific aims and background narratives that pop
· Develop grant framework and grant storyline from significance to approach
· Manage citations, formatting, and EndNote-library assembly


Each project will include a consultation, to determine the estimated number of hours that will be required. The CCNR offers two project options:
1. Fee-for-Service
For one-time, or short-term projects requiring specific services within a limited scope of work
2. Memorandum of Understanding
Customized set of hours, at a yearly rate suitable of your organization
To receive a project consultation, please complete the Project Registration Form.


Project requirements vary from project-to-project. In order to receive a time estimate, we recommend you register your project.3