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Watson Caring Science Center




Dr. Jean Watson's CV

Dr. Jean Watson is Distinguished Professor and Dean Emerita, University of Colorado Denver, College of Nursing Anschutz Medical Center campus, where she held the nation's first endowed Chair in Caring Science for 16 years. She is founder of the original Center for Human Caring in Colorado and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing; past President of the National League for Nursing; founding member of International Association in Human Caring and International Caritas Consortium. She is Founder and Director of non-profit foundation, Watson Caring Science Institute.

Dr. Watson has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing and psychiatricmental health nursing and holds her PhD in educational psychology and counseling. She is a widely published author and recipient of many awards and honors, including The Fetzer Institute Norman Cousins Award, in recognition of her commitment to developing, maintaining and exemplifying relationship-centered care practices; an international Kellogg Fellowship in Australia, a Fulbright Research Award in Sweden. The Hildebrand Center for Compassion in Medicine Award Notre Dame University; Academy Integrative Medicine and Healing Award for pioneering work in Caring Science; Japanese International Society of Caring and Peace Chair. She holds thirteen (13) Honorary Doctoral Degrees, including 10 International Honorary Doctorates (Sweden, United Kingdom, (2) Spain, British Colombia and Quebec, Canada, Japan, Turkey, Peru (2)).

Clinical nurses and academic programs throughout the world use her published works on the philosophy and theory of human caring and the art and science of caring in nursing. Dr. Watson's caring philosophy is used to guide transformative models of caring and healing practices for hospitals, nurses and patients alike, in diverse settings worldwide.

At the University of Colorado, Dr. Watson held the title of Distinguished Professor of Nursing; the highest honor accorded its faculty for scholarly work. In 1999 she assumed the Murchinson-Scoville Chair in Caring Science, the nation's first endowed chair in Caring Science, based at the University of Colorado Denver & Anschutz Medical Center.

As author/co-author of over 30 books on caring, her latest books range from empirical measurements and international research on caring, to new postmodern philosophies of caring and healing, philosophy and science of caring and caring science as sacred science, global advance in Caring Literacy. Her books have received the American Journal of Nursing's “Book of the Year” award and seek to bridge paradigms as well as point toward transformative models for this 21st century. In October, 2013 Dr. Watson was inducted as a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing, its highest honor.​​​​​

IMG_8991.jpgDr. Sara Horton-Deutsch's CV

Sara Horton Deutsch, PhD, RN, FAAN, ANEF, is a Professor, serves as the Director of the University of Colorado Watson Caring Science Center, and holds the Jean Watson Caring Science Endowed Chair at the University of Colorado College of Nursing.

In 2015, Dr. Horton-Deutsch was appointed as an Assistant Director in the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado Denver. The Center brings together colleagues from across the campus, university, state and nation to support competent, compassionate and respectful health care through teaching, research, clinical service and community engagement.

Dr. Horton-Deutsch is an established international leader in the psychiatric mental health nursing community. She has a sound international reputation and is known for her work in leadership development and advancing the art and science of reflective pedagogies and mindfulness in nursing education. Currently she serves as a Leadership Mentor in the Nurse Faculty Leadership Academy through Sigma Theta Tau International transformation. She influences the teaching-learning mind-set of nurse educators around the world through her published scholarship and international, national, and regional presentations. She has been recognized with international, national, and regional awards that attest to her excellence in creative work and leadership skill set.