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Megan Payton, BA


Megan sitting on a step holding her dog
Megan and her awesome dog, Beauregard
Meg received her BA in English with a concentration in language, writing and rhetoric. She graduated from North Carolina State University cum laude in 2014. She joined the C-P.A.W.W. team as a professional research assistant in July of 2016. During her undergraduate career, she worked for the North Carolina State University newspaper, and served as a captain and officer of the women’s rugby team. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in nursing with the hopes of continuing to participate in Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI) focused research. Meg is the daughter of an active duty Marine and is passionate about helping to improve the mental health of the veteran population.


When Meg worked as caretaker for service dogs at Freedom Service Dogs of America in 2015, she realized her desire to help serve the veteran community. Oddly enough, Meg first heard about C-P.A.W.W. when she saw Dr. Krause-Parello’s sister, Allison, participate as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. She instantly knew she wanted to be a part of the C-P.A.W.W. team. 


In her spare time, Meg loves to play rugby, perform in improv comedy shows, and backpack to alpine lakes with whatever dog she is fostering at the time.