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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Nursing Research

The Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS)

College of Nursing faculty and students use CU Denver's elite infrastructure and unsurpassed facilities to do significant, world-class research.

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Introduction to the Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS)

The Office of Research and Scholarship oversees College of Nursing research activities and provides research/funding support to nursing faculty and students.

ORS Leadership and Mission

Student Employment Opportunities

ORS Personnel

ORS Research Support

ORS Funding Support

OSKJ Panel



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Nursing BS  

ORS New Funding Opportunities

ORS passes along the newest of new in funding.



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ORS posts Scholarship and Campus-Activity News.



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ORS Center for Nursing Research (CNR)

The ORS Center for Nursing Research has specialized tools, resources, and RA support to promote student and faculty research within the ORS/College of Nursing.

CNR Personnel

CNR Tools and Resources

CNR Instrument Lab

Virtual CNR

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Colorado Collaborative for Nursing Research (CCNR)

ORS presents the Colorado Collaborative for Nursing Research (CCNR), a consortium that allows the ORS/College of Nursing to form both partnership and leadership bonds with health-care providers.

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ORS New Research

ORS New Research gives you the latest in College of Nursing faculty scholarship and compelling faculty-related stories.

impactORS: Research Stories

ORS Gallery of New Publications