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Nursing BS Honors Program

About the Program

​​The goal of the honors program is to develop the next generation of nursing scholars. The honors program features seminars and independent study experiences that promote scholarship, intellectual and personal development, and challenge student to grow and excel to the fullest potential. Students will explore research based on individual interests, needs, and goals.

Application Deadline

Honors Program Applications (including all supporting documentation) must be submitted by March 15.


University of Colorado College of Nursing honors students receive

  • Individualized mentorship in scholarly inquiry.
  • Chances to apply critical thinking skills to the development of a testable research hypothesis.
  • Opportunities to develop and refine writing and speaking skills.
  • Preferential consideration for admission to the nursing PhD program.

Participation in the honors program includes many advantages for students, future employers and society. Students enjoy close interaction with distinguished faculty, thought-provoking seminars and independent study.​​​

​Students in the program take six additional credits of electives*, above and beyond the traditional baccalaureate requirements. These credits focus on research and scholarship and include

  • Four one-credit honors seminar courses, two taken in the junior year and two in the senior year
  • Independent study in research for two credits during the senior year under the guidance of the student’s research faculty mentor
  • A scholarly thesis and a poster.

*Note: Honors Program students are responsible for covering the first semester of additional tuition costs associated with the program; after the first semester in the Honors Program, additional tuition costs are covered by the College of Nursing.​​​​​

​Pre-licensure students admitted into the Traditional Pathway program are eligible to apply for the Honors Program. Although grade point average is a consideration during the review of applications, no minimum GPA is required. Students with a strong academic record and an interest, or experience, in research are also encouraged to apply.

Download the Honors Program Application (PDF)​​​

Students meeting the criteria, who apply by the application deadline and provide all application materials, will be considered for selection. A committee will select students based on the following:

  1. Acceptance into the Traditional Pathway Baccalaureate Program.
  2. 1-page resume or curriculum vitae.
  3. Honors program questionnaire.
  4. Two letters of reference from former faculty and/or research supervisor.
  5. Submission of an essay describing your interest in the honors program and research, what you bring to the honors program, how you expect to benefit by participation in the program and how participation might influence your career trajectory.
  6. In-person interview.