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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Nondegree Admissions and Enrollment

Providing a Foundation for Academic and Professional Fulfillment

Do you want to explore the University of Colorado College of Nursing before applying for formal admission? Would you like to complete a course for professional development, or possibly transfer into a degree program? If so, nondegree admission might be right for you.

We cater to busy professionals and distance learners, so you can earn a graduate certificate at your pace and develop knowledge and skills for your practice. When you take courses as a nondegree student, you will have access to our Health Sciences Library and Anschutz Medical Campus Bookstore, to name a few of our many resources. You can build contacts, as you will be in classes with currently admitted students, and meet some of our amazing and talented faculty. You can become acquainted with Canvas, our Learning Management System, or explore the state of the art Anschutz Medical Campus, while you add academic credit-bearing courses to your transcript. Whatever your motivation for taking courses as a nondegree student, our dedicated staff will help you along your journey.​


 Nondegree Application and Enrollment Information


Program Information

Professional Development and Extended Studies courses are open to anyone who

  • would like to take a graduate-level nursing course to improve their knowledge or skill-set.
  • has applied, but does not start during the current semester.
  • would like to attempt a graduate-level certificate.
  • would like to take a course to transfer into a degree program.
  • is a CU degree student who needs to take an extended studies course (which is not offered through their current program).

Degree Implications

Enrollment as a nondegree student does not guarantee admission into University of Colorado degree programs.

CU Nursing graduate degree programs allow up to 40% of the total credit hours required to graduate to be transferred toward that degree. It is the responsibility of the student to transfer credits earned as a nondegree student into a program after acceptance.

Financial Implications

Nondegree students are subject to different registration, withdrawal, and incomplete deadlines than degree-seeking students. Current deadlines are posted online under Tuition Rate and Important Dates (see left).

Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Technology Requirements and Computer Skills

Please refer to the CU Online Technical Requirements to check your computer hardware, software, and internet service compliance. Additionally, you will need the following basic computer skills to function comfortably in an online course:

  • Use a mouse
  • Locate, open, and close files
  • Copy and paste text from one document to another
  • Have basic word processing skills
  • Send and receive e-mails with file attachments
  • Have two or more windows open and toggle or switch between two open applications
  • Be able to work or "buddy" with someone to improve your skills and complete group assignments
  • Review tutorials on your own computer, or seek assistance from local library resources or computer courses.

Apply and Request Enrollment

You can apply and request enrollment online by electronically signing the form before submitting it via e-mail. We suggest you take a moment to download instructions on how to create your own electronic signature.

First time requestors must fill in a New Student Application & Enrollment Request. If you have taken courses through Nursing Professional Development within the last two semesters or are currently matriculated in a CU degree program, then please fill out a Continuing or Matriculated Student Enrollment Request.

We suggest that you save a copy of your enrollment request until you have received confirmation that Professional Development received your form. If for any reason electronic submission does not work, there are alternate submission instructions on the second page of each form.

Form Processing

It can take three to ten business days to process nondegree forms, so please plan accordingly. We highly suggest that you submit your form as soon as possible. However, Professional Development will accept nondegree applications as late as one week before the first day of classes, and requests as late as the first week of classes, subject to instructor permission.

We determine a requestor's eligibility to take the requested courses once a complete form has been received. Enrollment requests are processed as soon as possible in the order that they were received. We will manually admit you as a nondegree student for the requested term. When you are ready to self-register we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

What to Expect After Submission?

You should receive an acknowledgement that we received your form within three business days of submission. If you do not receive such a notice, please contact us.

Once the regsitration period starts you should receive your confirmation e-mail, or within three to ten business days from submission. Once you receive that you are ready to self-register online and prepare for classes (see "Attend"). This confirmation e-mail will include the following:

  1. Your university of Colorado Student Identification Number (SID)
  2. Instructions on how to claim your university account
  3. Your university e-mail address
  4. Instructions on how to self-register online
  5. A five-digit class number for each course you requested. If you entered "ANY" for the section, then we will send you the most viable option at the time of sending.

You are responsible for reading and following all of the registration materials sent via e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation letter at least one week prior to class, then it is your responsibility to notify us at If we are not contacted, then we will assume you have received all correspondence (whether written or electronic), and you will be responsible for all course expenses?​​​​​​​

Current Term Information

Please see "Tuition Rate and Important Dates" at left.

Please note: There are no refunds after 5 p.m. on Friday, the last day of drop/add period. After that time students become 100% academically and financially responsible for any courses in which they are enrolled.

Prepare for Classes

Following the instructions included in your confirmation letter, you will need to do the following before the start of classes:

  1. Claim your University account or reset your password
  2. Self-register online
  3. For online classes, familiarize yourself with the learning management system, Canvas.
  4. For on-campus classes, allow yourself enough time to find your classroom and get in your seat at least 10 minutes early.
  5. Buy assigned books
  6. Request a student badge
  7. Clinical courses; we will notify you if you need to fulfill clinical requirements

Instructions are included in your confirmation e-mail along with contact information for support.​

Extended Studies Tuition Rate

2014 - 2015 Academic Year $560.00 per credit hour*

2012 - 2013 Academic Year $520.00 per credit hour

*Applies to nondegree, graduate certificate students, and online-only degree programs. If you are matriculated into any other CU degree program, you will be charged that program tuition rate.


Please see this table for the complete list of fees.

If you are a CU employee, please see the terms and conditions available for using your Employee Tuition Benefit.


The Bursar's Office will send a notice to your university e-mail which will let you know when your bill is ready.

If you have a third party paying toward your bill you need to call the Bursar's line for Third Party Sponsored Students at 303-556-5286.

Any student with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register or receive a copy of their transcripts.

Getting out of a Class

Students who wish to drop a class must do so online in their student portal before 5 p.m. on the drop/add deadline (see "Tuition Rate and Important Dates" at left for current term deadlines).

If you do not properly drop a class online, you are academically and financially responsible for the course and all associated tuition and fees. Selected courses have additional cancellation and refund requirements.

No refunds are issued after 5 p.m. on the last day of the drop/add period. Read our full policy for further details. 

A full refund is issued when the College of Nursing cancels a class.​​​

Course Lists and Catalogs

Our Current Course Offering List is for the upcoming semester only, but you can find the complete CU Nursing list of offerings for the last three semesters under Course Schedules.

If you would like to request a course offered another semester, please join our mailing list by contacting Professional Development. If you do not see a course that you desire, please find the course information in the College of Nursing's course catalog.

Prerequisites and Permissions

The four core courses for a nursing master's degree require only a baccalaureate degree or program permission. These courses can be taken in any order, and at least one of them will be offered each semester. they are:

  • NURS 6010 - Theory in Nursing - 3 credits
  • NURS 6022 - Health Systems & Policy - 3 credits
  • NURS 6031 - APN Research Methods - 4 credits
  • NURS 6286 - Foundations Informatics - 3 credits

All other graduate-level courses for nondegree enrollment require a baccalaureate degree or permission from the instructor, and permission from the program director.

Doctoral-level courses for nondegree enrollment require a master of science degree or permission from the instructor, and the program director.

The "Prescriptive Authority Trio" of classes must be taken in the following order one at a time:

  1. Advanced Pathophysiology - 3 credits
  2. Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics - 3 credits
  3. Advanced Assessment - 3 credits

All graduate-level certificates require program permission. Nondegree students should check the certificate pages (See Graduate Certificates) for contact and other information.

Any request to join a class after the first day of class requires instructor permission.

​Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.