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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Student Stories & Opportunities


Fun Events & Interesting Encounters

Our students have fabulous opportunities to attend summits and conferences, present at national and international meetings, participate in poster and paper competitions, and also have access and other professional opportunities such as Fellowships and scholarly publications. Check out some of their exciting stories!

The White House Summit

These three HITEC certificate students were selected to attend a White House Summit sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (HIT). Janet Ellingston, Donna Kenney and Amy Nelms were three of a handful of students selected to represent students from University-Based Training Programs. They were able to meet HIT leaders from the federal government, vendors, public health leaders, and others across the health care arena. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience to be at the White House.


The HIMMS Conference

The annual Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is a great gathering place for faculty, students, and alumni to meet each other and catch up on old times. The HIMSS conference boasts close to 20,000 participants and provides a wealth of experiences. Students and alumni connect on our social network, I-Collaboratory, to make arrangements to meet. Ten CU alumni and current students met in New Orleans for the HIMSS conference, where we went to dinner at the RedFish Grill. One student got to meet her preceptor from the TIGER Initiative and another student was selected as a HIMSS Student Volunteer and received partial funding from HIMSS. Pictured below is Colleen Berding, Patricia Levi, Melissa Anders and Lisa Lyons.


The AMIA Conference

The annual American Medical Informatics Association Conference is another meeting place for faculty, students, and Alumni. Meet Sarah Knapfel, one of the MS students selected in 2012 to serve as a AMIA Student Volunteer. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet informatics leaders, many of which are authors of the articles they read in class. Pictured is Sarah at the annual Nursing Informatics Working Group Reception meeting several nursing informatics leaders. Pictured on the left, Sarah meets with Drs. Virginia Sana and Rosemary Kennedy. On the right, Sarah meets with Dr. Amy Coenen. Drs. Saba and Coenen are guest speakers in our Semantic Representation course.

The Inaugural Health IT Fellow Class

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has instituted the Health IT Fellows Program to learn with and from those in the field and create a conversation whereby Fellows can share best practices with their peers facing similar challenges in leveraging Health IT.
One of our graduates, Lisa Lyon, MS, RN, CDE, a Clinical Informatics Coordinator for Cherokee Nation Health Services, a tribal health system in northeast Oklahoma. Her work focuses on data integrity and process mapping to improve accuracy and efficiency within the electronic health record and throughout the health system. As Clinical Informatics Coordinator, Lisa uses electronic health record reports to identify opportunities for quality improvement.

Best Poster Awards

In 2014 Kim Whalen's poster was accepted and presented at the New England Nursing Informatics Council. This poster represents Kim's clinical practicum project at Partners Healthcare System in Massachusetts.

Partners eCare  NUrsing CDS Poster for NENIC2014-May1-2014 Final.jpg

In 2012, CU’s informatics program supported several students who had poster presentations at the Eleventh International Congress in Nursing Informatics in Montreal, Canada. Aaron Faber (Health Information Technology and the Impact on Clinical Handoffs), Cathy Danforth representing a team that included Adbellatif Marini, Zeina al Awar, Robin Deforest and Tim Condon (Informatics students across the Globe Learn to Collaborate in Second Life) and Colleen Berding (Navigating telehealth in rehabilitation: One Nurse’s Orientation Odyssey).
Colleen Berding’s poster (pictured below) received the Best Student Poster Award at the Congress. It was an exciting time for all of us from the University of Colorado to celebrate with Colleen.

2014 ANIA Conference

Graduate Patricia Levy, MS, MPH, RN, received first place for her poster titled “Quality Strategy to Follow up Meaningful Use (MU) of Electronic Health Record Implementations” at the American Nursing Informatics Association’s 2014 Annual Conference in Las Vegas. View the award-winning poster.
2014 ANIA 1st place poster 

 Student Publications

Here is a sampling of some of our student publications:
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Advancing Global Health through Informatics. Proceedings of the NI2012. The 11th International Congress of Nursing Informatics. (Skiba: Student Mentor)
Faber, A. (2012). Health Information Technology and the Impact on Clinical Handoffs. In P. Abbott, C. Hullin & L. Nagle (Eds). Advancing Global Health through Informatics. Proceedings of the NI2012. The 11th International Congress of Nursing Informatics. (Skiba: Student Mentor)