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The I-Collaboratory, a social network for our informatics community, distinguishes us from other graduate programs. The I-Collaboratory was established in 2001 to support our online program. The purpose of the I-Collaboratory was to create a learner-centered environment to support, socialize, mentor and connect students who are engaged in computer-mediated learning. The intent was to decrease learner's feelings of isolation, increase satisfaction, insure quality educational experiences, facilitate professional socialization, retain students and help form connections in the world of health care informatics. The I-Collaboratory served as a framework to create learning partnerships among fellow colleagues; between faculty and learners; between peer mentors and learners; between learners and role models with similar backgrounds, across disciplines (nursing, medicine, psychology, communications or computer science), environments (urban or rural), interests and between learner and future employers.

Building upon this model, we have evolved the I-Collaboratory using Web 2.0 social media tools to create The HealthCare Informatics Social Network. This virtual network allows students 1) to attend webinars related to issues in informatics and learn about career opportunities, 2) participate in an online journal club to examine research in informatics, 3) participate in community forums, 4) contribute their knowledge and experience to blogs, 5) interact with colleagues, faculty, alumni and informatics experts and build their network and connections in the discipline of informatics.

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