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Health Care Informatics Certificate


Health care informatics

The health care informatics certificate program provides an opportunity for health care professionals, particularly those professionals without a BS in nursing, to acquire knowledge and skills in the rapidly progressing field of informatics. With the recent movement towards the adoption of the electronic health record and the need for IT infrastructure to increase patient safety and facilitate evidence-based practice, there is a growing need for more informatics specialists. This certificate provides opportunities for those new to the field and those who may be practicing in the field and need a professional update.

Nursing Post Masters Certificate ‑ Health Care Informatics Certificate

For more information regarding graduation rates, the median debt of students completing our certificate programs and other important information, please visit the University of Colorado Denver Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. ​

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 Program Information

Informatics Core (10 credits)
NURS 6794: Decision Support
3 credits - Fall Semester 
Course that focuses on the identification, acquisition, analysis, interpretation and application of data. Application of decision-making strategies for advanced practice nurses will be emphasized in the areas of quality management and clinical decision support. Information management tools will be explored.
NURS 6274: Semantic Representation
3 credits - Spring Semester
Course that introduces the concept of classifying nursing phenomena to facilitate data management and retrieval. Topics include: minimum data sets, nursing language, classification systems and vocabularies, and relates each topic to nursing practice, administration and research.ourse that introduces the concept of classifying nursing phenomena to facilitate data management and retrieval. Topics include: minimum data sets, nursing language, classification systems and vocabularies, and relates each topic to nursing practice, administration and research.
NURS 6289: Information Systems Life Cycle
4 credits - Fall/Spring Semester
Course focused on a structured approach to information system development and implementation. The course addresses the five phases of the life cycle: planning, analysis, design, implementation and evaluation. The role of informatics specialists is also highlighted.
Specially Options (choose two courses, 6 credits)
NURS 6279: Knowledge Management
3 credits - Summer Semester
Course with the need for knowledge discovery, distribution and management in a clinical setting is examined. Knowledge management techniques (probabilistic/statistical models, machine learning, data mining, queuing theory and computer simulation) are examined. The specification of a knowledge management comprehensive system for healthcare is developed.
NURS 6284: Digital Tools for Connected Health
3 credits - Summer Semester
The course examines the use of digital tools to foster engagement of patients, families and consumers in their health care. This course examines the evidence and the legal, ethical, social and policy issues within the context of connected health.
NURS 6285: Human Computer Interaction Design
3 credits - Fall Semester
Course that examines the relationship of interface design to effective human interaction with computers. This course examines principles, theory and models to design and evaluate optimal interfaces to promote human computer interaction in health care informatics applications.
NURS 6286: Foundations of Health Care Informatics
3 credits - Fall/Spring Semester
Introductory course focusing on core concepts, skills, tools that define the informatics field, including the examination of health information technologies to promote safety, improve quality, foster consumer centered care and efficiency.
NURS 6293: Database Management Systems
3 credits - Spring Semester
Interdisciplinary course focused on historical, theoretical and application issues in the design and administration of a database management system. Theories and concepts of file and database structure are explored. Students apply database concepts to nursing problems and solutions.
Contributing Faculty 
Gayle Preheim, RN, EdD, CENP CNE
Nursing Education Program Director, Professor
Diane Skiba, PhD, FACMI
Informatics Advisor, Professor
Health Care Informatics Option Coordinator
Project Director, I –Collaboratory
Amy Barton, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Professor
Tuition Rates
Graduate certificate students, nondegree students, and CU Nursing online-only students will be charged the Extended Studies Tuition Rate at left.
Students currently matriculated into any other CU degree program will be charged that program tuition rate, unless attempting the certificate concurrently, in which case they would be subject to the Extended Studies Tuition Rate at left.
Anyone taking these online-only courses will be charged the course-related fees, including, but not limited to, the Anschutz Medical Campus Academic Support Services Fee, Anschutz Medical Campus Online Course Fee, College of Nursing Technology Fee.
First time students are subject to the one-time Anschutz Medical Campus Matriculation Fee.
For a complete list of current fees please visit the Bursar's Office Tuitions and Fee Tables for the College of Nursing.​
How to Apply​
Submit a nondegree student application and enrollment request form by visiting and following the instructions under "Apply".
Be sure to address the program requirements within the open response field for purpose of registration.
Special Instructions
If you wish to attempt the certificate be sure to select the Nursing Education Graduate Doctoral Certificate as your desired program of study. If you would like to take individual courses simply select Nondegree/Non-matriculated Student.​​
Christopher Foster
Application and registration contact

​Mailing Address:
Nursing Education Certificate Program
c/o Continuing Education and Professional Development
C288-08, 13120 E 19th Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80045
Location: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Education 2 North Building, Room P28-3330
Phone: 303-724-1372
General FAQs
Our Frequently Asked Questions will guide you through the process for taking courses through CU College of Nursing Extended Studies.