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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions about the Health Care Informatics Options, Answered

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Find answers about the most commonly asked questions regarding our Health Informatics programs.

Is every part of this degree offered online?
Will I be required to come to Colorado?
Is the online program offered in real time or is it self-paced?
Are the classes scheduled for semesters, quarters, or one class at a time?
Can I take on online course before I apply to the program?
Do you offer a MS or MSN?
Is this program accredited?
How much will this program cost?
Who is eligible for in-state tuition?
Are there any other costs associated with the master’s degree in health care informatics?
Will I be charged for student insurance if I already have insurance?



Are you ready to apply to the health care informatics programs? To apply, review the following procedures: