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Health Information Technology (HIT) Sub-Specialist Certificate Program

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The certificate program for health information technology subspecialist was targeted toward MS/MBA graduates with a health administration or information systems focus. It combined the management concepts plus analytical and decision-making processes used in health care organizations with emerging information technologies in health care. 


The HIT sub-specialist certificate had the following requirements:

  • master’s degree in business with a health administration focus
  • completed application
  • letter of reference from employee's supervisor

If accepted, the certificate applicant needed to complete additional forms:

  • scholarship acceptance agreement
  • federal fund recipient form (PHS 2271)
  • proof of citizenship (HB 1023)

The HIT sub-specialist curriculum consisted of five three-credit courses, for a total of 15 credit hours.  There were numerous course offerings that are options for the student based upon their background, and a program schedule was tailored to each certificate participant with the guidance of their advisor.

Sample coursework for the HIT sub-specialist certificate program includes:

Foundations/Introduction to Healthcare Informatics
Business Intelligence/Decision Support
Emerging Technologies in Healthcare
Information Systems Security and Privacy
Standards and Regulatory Issues