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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

HITEC Graduates

What are our former students doing with their HITEC education?

Our HITEC certificate programs are in demand because we remain flexible in order to meet the oportunities for funding sources, as well as, to keep current with the changing needs of the health care industry.  Students have found success in advancing their careers with the education they've earned at CU.

Clinical Leader Executive Certificate

The certificate program for executive leadership in health information technology is targeted to those health care and public health professionals with managerial experience that will lead the deployment and use of health IT to achieve transformational improvements in quality, safety and outcomes.

Debbian Fletcher-Blake
Teresa Gocsik
Amy Goldstein
Ann Mattson
Karen Miller
Ann Shepard
Heather Stocker
Marguerite Swietlik


Health Information Management and Exchange Specialist Certificate

The certificate program for health information management and exchange specialists prepares health care professionals to support the collection, management, retrieval, exchange, and/or analysis of information in electronic form, in health care and public health organizations. This role functions at an operational level to provide comprehensive management of health care information and its secure exchange between healthcare consumers and providers.

Lindsay Burwell
Naneen Chace-Ortiz
Cathleen Danforth
Janet Ellingson
Courtney Frisch
Michael Gilhooly
Jodene Gilman
Clare Huber-Navin
Paula Morgan
Ellen Oba
Kellyn Pearson

Health Information Technology Sub-Specialist

The certificate program for health information technology subspecialist is targeted toward MS/MBA graduates with a health administration or information systems focus. It combines the management concepts plus analytical and decision-making processes used in health care organizations with emerging information technologies in health care.

Renita Bean
John Ingersoll
Kami Lee Poole-Warder
Amber Stueven

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