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Master's Programs

Graduate Degree Pathways

Interested in an advanced degree in nursing?

Master's Specialties  


Students pursuing a Master's, BS-DNP or BS-PhD degree must choose an area in which to specialize. Selecting the right specialty for you begins the process of opening the door to nursing leadership.

Master's Specialties  

MS Program

Learn about the master’s program at the College of Nursing. With multiple direct and indirect care specialty options to choose from, a master’s degree in nursing will help boost your leadership potential.

Master's Specialties  

BS-DNP Program

This program is ideal for baccalaureate-prepared nurses who intend to complete the terminal doctor of nursing practice degree. An MS in the student's chosen specialty is earned while in pursuit of the DNP.

MS Program  

BS-PhD Program

This program is designed for baccalaureate-prepared nurses who want to earn a doctor of philosopy degree. An MS in the student's chosen specialty is earned while in pursuit of the PhD.

MS-DNP Program  

DNP Program

The doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree appeals to master's-prepared nurses who are interested in a practice-focused doctorate to become clinical leaders in the nursing profession.

MS-PhD Program  

PhD Program

The doctor of philosophy (PhD) program is designed for master's-prepared nurses to promote knowledge development for reflective, theory-based and research-guided nursing practice.​

Post-Master’s Certificates  

Dual Degree DNP/MPH

Students interested in the Post-MS DNP have to option to pursue a dual DNP/MPH degree or complete a DNP with a public health focus.

Info Sessions  

Post-Graduate Certificates

The College of Nursing offers a post-graduate certificate in nearly all the nursing specialty options.