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Veteran and Military Health Care Graduate Certificate FAQs

 Who is eligible to apply for the Veteran and Military Health Care Graduate Certificate?

The Graduate Certificate is open to all professionals with an undergraduate degree who have an interest in the veteran and military populations. You do not need to be a nurse to take these courses or enroll in the Graduate Certificate. You do need an undergraduate degree at the Baccalaureate level.​


 Who is eligible to register for individual courses, without completing the Veteran and Military Health Care Certificate?

All individuals working with veteran and military populations may enroll in one or more individual courses without completing the 12-credit hour VMHC. Students enrolled in academic degree programs seeking to use education courses as electives must secure approval for registration from their academic advisor and submit the Application and Enrollment Request Form. Courses are available as electives for academic credit toward degree programs with student’s current academic advisor approval.​


 May I enroll in a course before I apply to a graduate nursing program?

Yes, however consultation with the academic advisor is highly recommended prior to registration. For more information, please see our Nondegree Student Extended Studies Frequently Asked Questions on transferability of credits.​​​


 How many credit hours is the Veteran and Military Health Care Graduate Certificate program?

The Veteran and Military Health Care Graduate Certificate is 12 credits, comprised of four individual 3-credit VMHC specialty courses. The completion of the 4-course series is required to be awarded the certificate. All courses must be completed at CU Nursing. Transfer credit from other institutions into the certificate is not allowed.​


 What is the time frame for completion of the Veteran and Military Health Care Graduate Certificate?

The VMHC may be completed in four terms with registration for one course each term. It is anticipated that most students will complete the VMHC Certificate program in 1-2 years, depending on academic program offerings. Course offerings vary by semester and may not be offered every semester.​​​


 Are the Veteran and Military Care Certificate courses offered online?

Yes, the courses are completed online using CANVAS learning management system. Distance learning options may be used to augment the online learning environment, while increasing accessibility and convenience to the student.​


 Will I be required to come to Colorado?

No. The 12-credit, 4 course series is completed online. Learning activities are structured and supervised within the online environment.​


 When do you accept applications?

Certificate students are accepted every semester.​