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CU College of Nursing - Nursing BS Program, Denver, Colorado

College of Nursing

BS Admissions

Application Tools

Check on your eligibility prior to applying, and on your status after applying, using these tools.

The online application can be complex and time-consuming.

We recommend that you start the application well in advance of the application deadline.

You may view a sample of the online  application to help prepare yourself.
This link will direct you to the same Prerequisite Form available through the online application.

Use the form as your personal guide to outline what you have completed and what you have not completed. 

Use the Prospective Student Portal to check on your application status.

The portal is usually updated within 48 hours of a submitted application. Here you can view which transcripts and forms the College of Nursing has received or has not received.

Checking your application status frequently can help ensure that you submit a complete application.
The below linked Excel spreadsheet is what the Office of Student Affairs and Diversity uses to calculate your GPA, available to you if you are interested in checking your own. You might want to use your transcripts to add the courses you completed. 

GPA Calculator


  • On each transcript, look for the total number of hours and the total points you received.
  • Add the credit hours in column D and the total points in column F. This should provide you with your overall GPA.  
  • You can add all credit from each institution you have attended.
  • At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you may add courses to see what your future GPA might be.