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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Integrated Pathway to BS Nursing Education

Earn Your BS through the Integrated Nursing Pathway

Integrated Nursing Pathway

​​The University of Colorado College of Nursing participates in an Integrated Nursing Pathway program with community colleges. Currently, the program collaborates with the Community College of Aurora, the Community College of Denver and Red Rocks Community College Health Sciences Campus in Arvada. This program is a unique, integrated pathway to earn a bachelor's of science in nursing, offering simultaneous application and admission, dual academic advising to support student needs and early introductions to the role of the professional nurse in the context of quality and safety.


​The Integrated Nursing Pathway is designed to increase access for community college students to baccalaureate nursing education. The program provides outstanding preparation for professional nursing practice. Students admitted into the Integrated Nursing Pathway will receive an exceptional education from a nationally recognized institution.

Please note: This program is intended for Colorado residents who complete the majority of their prerequisite courses in the Colorado Community College system.  

Upon admission to the program, students take the first two semesters of classes at the Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver or Red Rocks Community College Health Sciences Campus in Arvada, receiving an associate of general studies degree. Then, students will complete nursing studies at the state-of-the-art CU College of Nursing, receiving a bachelor's of science in nursing after two years.

The College of Nursing emphasizes the value of a diverse student population as a way of achieving excellence in practice that is reflective of the cultural diversity of health care recipients. 

The following applicants are not eligible for the program:

  • Licensed LPN

  • Licensed RN

  • Registered Psychiatric Technician (RPT)

  • Prior Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree holders

Students in these categories are encouraged to apply directly to the appropriate next level of nursing education.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes / Competencies

  1. Person-Centered Care:  Provides quality, safe and ethical care that is person-centered, rooted in partnership, and is mutually beneficial for individuals and families in all care settings across the life span.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice: Integrates clinical practice evidence to improve the health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.
  3. Safety:  Promotes safe health care environments, systems and initiatives to minimize risk of harm to individuals, families, communities, and providers.
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Promotes respectful communication and working relationships among intra-and inter-professional teams to deliver evidence-based, safe, quality, and person-centered care
  5. Informatics: Uses patient care technologies and clinical information systems to facilitate decision-making necessary for delivery of evidence-based, safe, quality, and person-centered care
  6. Quality: Engages in quality improvement through leadership skills, clinical reasoning, and use of evidence
  7. Leadership: As a transformational nurse clinician, will model professional communication, responsibility and accountability to promote self-awareness, life-long learning, and civic professionalism in the health care environment and other complex systems

​Integrated Nursing Pathway Prerequisites

Below are classes required to apply for the Integrated Nursing Pathway.

  • General College Biology with lab 

  • English Composition I

  • College Algebra

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Introduction to Chemistry (with lab)

  • General Psychology

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Human Nutrition

  • Fine Arts (Theory / Non-performance)

View the prerequisites course numbers for specific courses at the Community College of Aurora. For more information on the Integrated Nursing Pathway at the Community College of Denver please click here.

​Application Process

The application to the Integrated Nursing Pathway will be available from January 1 - March 31 through NursingCAS. All required materials must be received prior to the application deadline, March 31. Please follow all instructions carefully so that your application is eligble for review. Within NursingCAS, you will select the Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver or Red Rocks Community College Health Science Campus in Arvada under program designations. 

Transcripts for CU College of Nursing  

All official transcripts need to be submitted directly to NursingCAS. Students are responsible for requesting transcripts and other evaluations as needed for all college course work. Each institution you have attended (regardless of the years) must submit transcripts to NursingCAS on your behalf.    









Integrated Nursing Pathway Curriculum

  • The eight-semester curriculum includes 30 prerequisite credit hours with an additional 30 credit hours completed during the first two semesters in the program (total of 60 credits completed prior to transfer to University of Colorado College of Nursing).


  • The program requires 66 credit hours in addition to the above 60 credit hours to meet the 120 credit hours for the bachelor of science in nursing degree. The 66 upper division nursing credit hours will be completed at CU College of Nursing.


  • Both the associate in general studies and the bachelor of science in nursing degrees are awarded in fewer than four calendar years. 

    ​Semester 1 and 2
    Semesters 3-8

    Human Anatomy and
    Physiology I  (4)

    Microbiology  (4)

    English Composition II (3)

    Professional Nursing: (3)
    Quality and Safety I

    Contemporary World History (3)

    Human Anatomy and
    Physiology II (4)

    Cultural/Medical Anthropology (3)

    Human Growth and Development (3)

    Professional Nursing: (3) 

    Quality and Safety II

    Total= 30 credits


    30 Prerequisite Courses 
    30 program courses
              = Associates in General Studies 

    Patient-Centered Health Assessment (3)

    Pathophysiology for Nurses (3)

    Pharmacology for Nurses (3)

    Community Health Promotion I (1) 

    Community Health Promotion II (1)

    Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice (3)

    Foundations of Quality, Safe Nursing Practice (4)

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice I (6)

    Nursing Care of the Older Adult (2)

    Interprofessonal Education I (1) and II (1)

    Nursing for Childbearing Families (5)

    Nurse Care of Children and Families (5)

    Nursing Profession (1)

    Interprofessional Law (1)

    Mental Health Nursing (5)

    Nursing Care Adults/Complex Care Needs (7) 

    Community & Population Nursing (6)

    Immersion in Clinical Nursing (8)   

    Total=66 Credits


Integrated Nursing Pathway Program Information 

Please review the program information through these links and attend an Information Session.