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Madalynn Neu, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Professor

Madalynn Neu

Madalynn Neu’s research interests encompass infant emotional development and regulation and factors that likely impact emotional development, such as prematurity, illness, mother-infant interaction, stress, and genetics. She has had several funded research grants to study kangaroo holding, and she has numerous publications and presentations on the subject. Neu incorporates biomarkers of emotional regulation into her research, such as salivary cortisol, salivary amylase, and actigraphy. She has several publications on salivary cortisol in preterm infants. In the summer of 2008, Neu was one of 20 nurses selected to attend the Summer Genetics Institute sponsored by the National Institute of Nursing Research. She has recently completed research on sleep patterns in mothers of children with leukemia. She has also completed an NIH-funded R-21 to examine the benefits of massage for infants with gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD). Future research will build on findings of the R-21 to investigate more completely the mother-infant relationship and intervention options for infants with GERD, with the goal of broadening prevention and treatment for these infants. ​