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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing
Clinical Simulation Labs

Clinical Practice

Simulation Labs

Completed in 2009, the simulation laboratory suite offers some of the best opportunities in clinical education at the University of Colorado. Using state-of-the-art technology, nursing students translate theoretical and classroom content into highly realistic and engaging patient scenarios.

Simulation provides a safe context for learning to care for complex patients. The high-fidelity mannequins used in the simulation laboratory have a broad capacity of physiological responses to nursing care provided by students, and several dimensions of the experience can be adjusted to better enhance students’ learning.

The College of Nursing has five simulators to provide a wide range of clinical opportunities—three adult, one intrapartum and one baby.

Expert nursing clinicians oversee all aspects of the laboratory. Simulation experiences are closely coordinated with didactic approaches and serve to augment the clinical learning that occurs in students’ rotations.

Informatics in the clinical simulation lab

Informatics in the clinical simulation lab

In order to provide quality and real-life experiences to nursing students, the College of Nursing simulation labs have recently installed new computing equipment that will allow students to learn and train to implement informatics into their everyday routines.