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Direct Primary Care in nurse-led Aurora clinic at Belleview Point

Direct Primary Care at Belleview Point Clinic

Membership Information

Direct Primary Care Membership Pricing

0-26 Years
27-50 Years
50+ Years

*One-time enrollment fee covers up to 5 family members

Direct Primary Care Membership Agreement Form

Direct Primary Care Membership FAQs

 How will membership improve my health and deacrese healthcare costs?

At the Belleview Point Clinic we offer a Direct Primary Care membership. In lieu of us billing your third party insurance, you pay a low monthly membership fee that covers most primary care services at the Belleview Point Clinic.

This benefits you in several ways. First, by eliminating the administrative burdens of dealing with third party insurance companies, our providers have more time to spend with you. Second, you have the freedom of accessing primary care services when they are needed with less hassle. This model is designed to allow you to develop a meaningful partnership with your provider that is aimed at improving your health.​


 How do I become a member?

Fill out the membership agreement form and bring it along with the necessary payment and fees to the Belleview Point Clinic. We also have forms at the clinic if you wish to fill it out here.​


 What services are covered with the membership?

The following PDF outlines our list of covered services.​​​​


 What if I don't use services at the clinic for a month? Do I still have to pay?

Yes. Think of it like a gym membership; even when you don't use it, you must pay. This is how we can make it so affordable and convenient. If you lapse in your payments, you must pay the enrollment fee and memberhsip fee again to be seen again.​​


 Where can I receive services?

Your membership fee covers healthcare services rendered at the Belleview Point Clinic. We are not health insurance provider. Any healthcare services you receive elsewhere, are subject to the costs of the service provider, insurance co-pays or co-insurance.​​


 Is this considered insurance?

​​No. This is not an insurance policy. It is simply a membership that allows you to receive primary care services at the Belleview Point Clinic. If you access care elsewhere, you will be responsible for payment for those services. Additionally, it does not cover you for Affordable Care Act tax liability for insurance coverage.​​​​​


Due to current State of Colorado regulations, this model of care is not available to anyone who is currently eligible for government funded health insurance.