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PhD Student Named Poster Finalist at WIN Conference

Story by Asia Groves

​CON PhD candidate Brie Thumm, MSN, MBA, RN, CNM, was named a student poster finalist at the Western Institute of Nursing’s (WIN) 49th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference. The conference was held April 6-9 at the Disneyland® Hotel in Anaheim, Calif. WIN’s mission is “to bring together a diverse community of nurses in a shared commitment to advance nursing science, education, and practice to improve health outcomes.”

This was Thumm’s third time attending the conference. She considers it the highlight of her year and says it allowed her to feel like a member of a community of nurse researchers. “I formed lasting friendships with people in the cohorts ahead of mine, which has led to support and mentorship from people who understand the program and the challenges of being a PhD student,” she says.

Thumm presented her poster on a scale she developed to measure certified nursemidwives’ perceptions of their practice environments. The project was funded by a grant from the American College of Nurse-Midwives Colorado Affiliate. The scale she developed will be the focus of her dissertation as well and she plans to continue to test the relationship between quality of care and midwife turnover rates.

“It was fun getting to meet the other finalists,” she says. “There was another midwife and we were able to network about our work and I am connecting her with people doing similar work to hers at ... Denver Health.” Additionally, Thumm felt that attendees were very supportive of students and that the conference felt like a safe place to express ideas. She says “[The] sense of belonging … encourages me to continue to submit to other conferences and take intellectual risks.”

Thumm would like to express her appreciation for the Office of Research and Scholarship’s support of student attendance at the WIN conference. “The return on investment is three-fold,” she says. “It builds community, it communicates appreciation of students and our budding work, and it promotes the College of Nursing.”​​