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Research Groups

The IDDRC faculty come from diverse backgrounds in clinical and basic-science approaches to studying IDD.  The research groups are distinguished based on how the investigators approach the analysis of the etiology of intellectual and developmental disorders. 

For more information about the specific research goals of individial IDDRC members or affiliates, please click on the name below to be linked to their faculty page (if available).


Etiology of IDD

Brain Development, Single Gene Disorders or Chromosome Anomalies



Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies


Disease entities include: Neural development, inborn errors of metabolism, Fragile X, Down syndrome, sex chromosome aneuploidies, etc. Autism spectrum disorders, juvenile schizophrenia and bipolar disease, epilepsy, neural tube defects, craniofacial dysmorphology, adult intellectual disability, etc. Fetal alcohol syndrome, other toxins, micronutrients, macronutrients and fetal health, etc. Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies
Members and Affiliates:


Bruce Appel

Kristin Artinger

Scott Barbee

Tim Benke

Alberto Costa

Mark Dell'Acqua

Ellen Elias

Renata Gallagher

Katheleen Gardiner

Stephen Goodman

Jim Grigsby

Susan Hepburn

Francis Hickey

Maranka Koster

Jan Kraus

Maureen Leehey

Wendy Macklin

Ken Maclean

David Manchester

David Patterson

Karl Pfenninger

Diego Restrepo

Ann Reynolds

Cordelia Robinson

Tamim Shaikh

Geeta Sharma

James Sikela

John Sladek

Elaine Spector

Nicole Tartaglia

Janet Thomas

Johan Van Hove

Mike Woontner


Tim Benke

Amy Brooks-Kayal

Ellen Elias

Robert Freedman

Sandra Friedman

Lauren Frey

Katheleen Gardiner

Anne Halbower

Susan Hepburn

Nancy Krebs

Mark Laudenslager

Bill Maclean

Lisa Miller

Lee Niswander

Manisha Patel

Judy Reaven

Ann Reynolds

Cordelia Robinson

Don Rojas

Steve Rosenberg

Randy Ross

Tamim Shaikh

Richard Spritz

Matthew Taylor

Andrew White

Greta Wilkening

Audrey Yee



Laura Brown

M. Coussons-Read

Dana Dabalea

Jacob Friedman

Michael Hambidge

William Hay

Susan Johnson

Nancy Krebs

Manisha Patel

Ann Reynolds

Paul Rozance

James Sikela

Boris Tabakoff


Cathy Bodine

Patricia Heyn

Dennis Matthews

Sarel VanVuuren

Regen Zane



Laura Dornman

Nicholas Foreman

Arthur Liu

Jennifer Madden


Contact the Colorado IDDRC

Phone: 303-724-3839 • Fax: 303-724-3838

Mailing Address: Mail Stop 8313, 12800 E. 19th Avenue • Aurora, CO 80045


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