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Flow Cytometry

Quantitate the immune cells and marker expression in your sample

​Want to quantify or characterize immune cells in biologic fluids or tissues? At HIMSR, we offer full service flow cytometry and can prepare, stain with the antibody panel of interest, run, and analyze the results of your samples. Our staining procedures include compensation controls, fluorescence minus one controls, and a control human PBMC sample.  We can also run your pre-stained samples on our instruments.  Log into iLabs for service fees; contact Kim Jordan for a quote.

We can help you using the BD FACS LSR Fortessa X-20, a flow cytometer capable of analyzing individual cells tagged with up to 15 fluorescent antibodies. With this instrument, we can distinguish cellular phenotypes, assess the level of activation or inhibitory molecules, and measure intracellular signaling cascades or production of intracellular cytokines. We can also analyze apoptosis, cell cycle, and cellular assays such as killing and proliferation. We have pre-developed antibody panels for use right away or can help develop new antibody panels to analyze your cells of interest. 

This technology is optimal for analysis of any sample in single cell suspension (peripheral blood, PBMCs, disaggregated tissue). The cells can be live, fixed or viably frozen – there are few limitations as long as the antibodies work for your marker of inquiry and sample type.  

  • 5 lasers: 355, 405, 488, 561, and 640 nm
  • 17-color analysis
  • Configuration

  • Basic Phenotyping Panel
  • T cell Phenotyping Panel
  • Monocyte/DC Phenotyping Panel
  • T cell Activation Panel
  • Lymphocyte Phospho Panel
  • Lymphocyte Cytokine Panel
*External users please email us for the specific marker list at Kim Jordan

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