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CRISP-developed Toolkit

Text Messaging in Healthcare Research​

  • Created by CRISP
  • Audience: medical and health services researchers
  • The toolkit provides detailed information for anyone planning to use text messaging as part of a healthcare intervention or a method for data collection.

Other Toolkits Tested and Found Effective in Colorado​

Asthma Toolkit: Tools for better breathing​

  • Prepared by National Jewish Health
  • Audience: primary care clinicians
  • The Colorado Asthma Toolkit Program (CATP) includes a 6 hour training session in best-practice, guidelines-directed asthma care and other materials including manuals, patient workbooks and a free spirometer.

Cavity Free at Three

  • Prepared by the University of Colorado and the Colorado AHEC Program​
  • Audience: Primary care clinicians​
  • Cavity Free at Three began in 2007 as a training program for health care providers. It seeks to teach providers how to improve their outreach, education and service delivery to families with the goal of preventing dental disease early in life.

Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit

  • Prepared by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Audience: Primary care practices​
  • This toolkit provides step-by-step guidance and tools for assessing a practice and making changes to improve communication with patients of all literacy levels.

Improving Efficiency in Primary Care: A Decision Guide

  • Prepared by the University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine
  • Audience: primary care clinicians and managers
  • This tool will provide answers to questions about how to identify inefficiency, problem areas and techniques and methods to improve efficiency in your practice.

Implementing Health Assessments in Primary Care

  • Prepared by SNOCAP-USA
  • Audience: Primary Care Practices
  • The toolkit includes a process for implementing health assessments, along with a list of health assessment questions suitable for primary care.

Obesity Care Toolkit 

  • Prepared by SNOCAP-USA
  • Audience: Primary Care Practices
  • This toolkit provides guidance and practical steps in how to create partnerships with groups in the community to improve obesity care.​