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2014 Workshop

Mobile Health (mHealth) refers to the use of mobile devices such as cell phones and computer tablets for medical or public health applications and interventions. Included in the field of mHealth are text messaging, mobile apps, and social media. 

mHealth Workshop Work​book​ (pdf)

This workbook is a companion guide to the workshop and is a comprehensive source of mHealth information, tools, and resources.

This workshop is for health researchers and clinicians interested in implementing and creating evidence for mHealth interventions and those involved in the developing mobile interventions and applications in the private sector who want to learn more about how these applications can be applied to improving health. 

Faculty consist of local experts in mHealth theory, research design and methods. We also will invite a small number of local industry experts to serve as guest speakers and expect active participation from the audience.

Participants will get an overview of the state of the field of mHealth as well as best practices, evidence base, and other current topics.  There will also be the opportunity for small group sessions to provide feedback on specific mHealth-related study ideas and applications. The workshop will bring together researchers and healthcare providers interested in learning more about using mHealth technology and strategies with academic experts and industry professionals. ​​​