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Stakeholder Advisory Board


The Stakeholder Advisory Board co-chairs include community-based and academic physicians.

Leslie Eber, MD
​Dr. Eber received her medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine and completed her residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver. She is board-certified in internal medicine. She divides her time between clinical practice, medical directorship and research. Dr. Eber enjoys her practice at Rocky Mountain Senior Care. She has provided medical directorships for both long-term care facilities and hospice and also serves as medical director of Orchard Park Health Care Center in Greenwood Village. She is a co-investigator for a community engagement grant from the CCTSI called “The Colorado Long-Term Care Research Partnership: A Community Partnership and Research Collaboration to Promote Health for Residents of Long-Term Care Communities.” Dr. Eber is also co-founder of the Long-Term Care Stakeholder Advisory Board, which evaluates and helps engage long-term care communities in research. She is the current president of the Colorado Medical Directors Association.
​​Joanna Trojanowski
Joanna Trojanowski, MD
Dr. Joanna Trojanowski is a board-certified family physician with subspecialty in geriatric medicine. She completed her residency and fellowship training at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She currently works as a geriatrician in long-term care facilities within the Denver-metro area and enjoys partnering with the Stakeholder Advisory Board assisting with geriatric research. Dr. Trojanowski enjoys working with geriatric patients and appreciates their knowledge and life experience. She understands that aging is part of life and hopes to give her patients the medical guidance they need and help navigate difficult life transitions.
Rebecca Boxer, MD, MS
Physician/Academic Researcher​​
​​Dr. Boxer is an associate professor of medicine and geriatrician committed to improving care for older adults in skilled nursing facilities and long-term care through research. Dr. Boxer’s research focuses on learning how to improve care and outcomes for patients with heart disease in the nursing home setting. An additional focus is fostering a community of nursing homes committed to research which will ultimately improve care and quality of life for patients and residents.