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Letter from the Director

Allison Kempe, MD, MPH

In the past, federally-funded research in the United States has focused almost exclusively on "discovery" -- new drugs, new treatments, new devices. Important as some of these discoveries have been, only a small percentage of them ever become part of clinical practice largely because they do not really address the most common, everyday problems patients are facing or because we know so little about how to implement changes in clinical practice. Research in this country has not focused sufficiently on how to effectively implement evidence-based strategies into clinical care, how to improve the quality of care for patients both on an individual and at a systems level and how to prevent, rather than just treat, disease. The ACCORDS Child Program brings together researchers from multiple disciplines to focus on improving outcomes of care for children by

  1. comprehensively evaluating the effectiveness of clinical interventions for prevention or treatment in real-world settings
  2. studying barriers and facilitators to adoption of evidence-based clinical practices and
  3. assessing the most effective ways to prevent common diseases of children. Research conducted at COR is of enormous practical importance in guiding future health care practice and policy for children.


Allison Kempe, MD, MPH

Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Director of ACCORDS (Adult and Child Center for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science)

Director of SCORE (Surgical/subspecialists Clinical Outcomes REsearch) Fellowship

University of Colorado School of Medicine | Children’s Hospital Colorado​