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Class of 2015

Welcome to the Class of 2015! 

Check out our Canvas page for updated leadership and specific email addresses.

Class of 2015 Leadership

Co-Presidents: Rebecca ThomsonEric Petersen

Vice President: Suzanne McCartney

Secretary: Kiara Leasia

Treasurer: Danielle Gallegos

MSC Representative: Ethan Rosenberg




Alumni Board News

The Alumni Board helped facilitate the Annual Alumni Week last May, including the Gold and Silver Banquet at the Colorado History Museum. We  met with Dean Krugman in August about an update on the SOM and plans to work on making the campus a more efficient and better teaching and research center. Finally, we have plans to award two scholarships to 4th year medical students and create an Alumni Cookbook with recipes from the CU SOM community.  - Jonathan Grudis 


Class of 2015 Leadership:

Co-Presidents: Rebecca ThomsonEric Petersen

Vice President: Stevie Lynne Kohler

Secretary: vacant

Treasurer: Suzanne McCartney​

MSC Representative: Ethan Rosenberg

Current Block:

Current Block Reps:

Clerkship Block Director Reps: Georgia McCormick and Emilee Sandsmark

Foundations of Doctoring Representatives: Kenneth MilliganLauren Ayres

REACH Representatives: Erin Gonzales and Lauren Miller 

Class of 2015 Representatives:

Alumni Board Reps: Jonathan Grudis, Christopher Kennel

Chair of the Longitudinal Curriculum Reps: Gabriel Habermehl and PJ McGuire

Class Historians: vacant

Curriculum Committee: Rosie Li and Robert McLeroy

CVPR Course Reps: Alex Connelly and Emma Templeton​

Disease and Defense Reps: Monica Davern and Lauren Mehner

Essentials Core Block Director Rep: Jenna Tjossem and Ryan Best​

Ethics Reps: Gabriel Habermehl and Adam Berlinberg

Foundations of Doctoring Reps: Kenneth Milligan, Lauren Ayres

Honor Council Representative: Jake Lebin

Human Body Block Reps: L. Jane Stewart, Jimmy McCullough

Intercampus Teaching Excellence Reps: L. Jane Stewart and Dani Fleckenstein

Longitudinal Curriculum Committee Rep: Gabriel Habermehl

Molecules to Medicine Block Reps: Jimmy McCullough and Erin Finn.

MSI Handbook Editors: Meredith Aragon and Rebecca Thomson

Neuro Representatives: Erin Finn and Brian Lancaster​

Office of Diversity Reps:  Alaina Critchlow and Rachael Gilmer​

Professionalism Representative: Shea Gilliam

Prospective Student Reps: Julie Dyer, Courtney Eichengreen, Paul Scott,
Carlie Field

REACH Reps: Erin Gonzales and Lauren Miller

Social Chairs: Feven Tesfiladat and Kyle Carter

Student Senate Reps: Whitney Hoover, Sheri Rosen​

VOICE Committee Reps: Whitney Hoover and Adam Berlinberg

Wellness Reps:  Monica DavernAnna Kuropatkina, Jia Lin, and Meredith Evans