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 Welcome to the Spring Stampede Jump for the Cup Challenge

Elementary school children jump for heart every year, but are you as fit as a fifth grader? If you can jump like you’re 12 years old, you may jump your way to the College Cup.

Location: Patio in front of Cafe, west side of Ed 2 North

Date and Time: April 20th, Stampede Challenge Set 2, round 1 will start at 1:00 pm; round 2 will start at 1:40 pm

Rules: You may participate as a solo agent or form a team. Teams may include faculty and or resident advisors. Each jumper can earn points for this challenge. Double Dutch participants will only receive jumping points for participants that jump. You must jump for at least 10 minutes to earn points for this challenge.

Scoring: Points will be awarded based on the duration of time jumping over 10 minutes (up to a max of 50 points). You may stop once, for one minute without penalty. Tricks or stunts will also earn points.

Brought to you by the School of Medicine Wellness Committee.