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CU GME Health Plan ID Cards

The CU GME Health Plan provides a combination medical, dental and prescription drug card for plan participants to use.

The card lists ONLY the resident’s name. Dependent names are NOT listed on the card.

Residents new to a CU SOM GME program will receive ID cards at the GME Institutional Orientation. 

To request additional CU GME Health Plan ID cards:
1. Call AmeriBen Customer Care at 1-866-955-1498.
2. Verify your home address with AmeriBen so your card is mailed to the correct address.
3. Obtain your individual ID number from the AmeriBen representative.
4. Print a temporary card​​​ to use until your new card arrives in the mail. This card, along   
    with your individual ID number, is the information a provider needs to file a claim for