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Margaret Schenkman, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Program Director; Core Faculty

Professor, Program Director

Associate Dean, Physical Therapy Education

(303) 724-9375

Professional Qualifications


Boston University, MS in Physical Therapy, 1980

Yale University, New Haven, CT, PhD in Microbiology, 1974

Purdue University, Wes Lafayette, IN, BS in Chemistry, 1968

Licensure Information/Registration Number

Colorado #6995

Curriculum Vitae

 Teaching Responsibilities

Summer Semester

DPTR 5003: Histology (2 credits), Course Coordinator and Lecturer

Fall Semester

DPTR 6502: Neuromuscular Conditions II, Lecturer (3 credits)

Spring Semester

DPTR 5611: Patient Care Seminar I, Co-Coordinator (2 credits)


 Research and Scholarship Interests

Funded Activity

Hebert JR, Schenkman M (Co-PIs) National MS Society 10/01/12- 09/30/15 This randomized clinical trial is designed to examine the impact of vision and balance training on fatigue and postural control of individuals with multiple sclerosis. Effort: 15%

Schenkman M, Corcos D (Co-PIs) R01 NS074343-01A1 12/1/2011 – 11/30/2015 Exploratory study of different doses of endurance exercise in people with Parkinson’s disease, This phase II randomized clinical trial is designed to determine parameters of exercise intensity that attenuate progression of symptoms of PD. Upon the completion of this study we will have defined the needed parameters for a phase III clinical trial.

Stevens-Lapsley J (PI) NIH R01-HD065900 0 7/1/2011-6/30/16 Progressive Rehabilitation for Total Knee Arthroplasty. The major goal of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of a more intensive rehabilitation program compared to traditional rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty. Role: Co-I

Schenkman M (PI): NIH3 - R01 HD043770-05S2 (2010-2011)

Moss M (PI), Quon D, Nordon-Craft, A, Schenkman M. The diagnosis and treatment of critical care polyneuromyopathy. NIH.NRO1-1051-01A1, 2009-2014. (2.279 million direct over five years). Determine whether critical care illness can be identified early and determine the impact of an impact of intensive physical intervention for people with acute respiratory failure who have developed polyneuromyopathy.

Schenkman M (PI), Hebert J, Corboy J. The effects of vestibular rehabilitation on MS-related fatigue: randomized control trial. National Multiple Sclerosis Society, February 2008-December 31, 2009. ($43,774). RCT that examines the benefits of vestibular exercise for people with PD.

Schenkman M (PI), Baron A, Kohrt W, Kumar R, Schwartz R. Exercise, physical function, and Parkinson’s disease. NIH.HD43770, 2003-2008; no cost extension through 2011. ($1.125 million direct over five years). RCT that compares three exercise approaches for people with PD.


 Publications (within the last five years)

Peer Reviewed Publications

Gisbert R, Schenkman M.LEAP:Physical Intervention in Parkinson’s Disease.PTJ Under revision

Ellis R, Schenkman M, Cress ME, Wood R.Exploring the relationship between physical activity and participation in older adults with Parkinson’s disease. Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation, Under review

The Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity in Patients with Parkinson Disease. Focus on Parkinsons Disease, 2013, Amsterdam, In press

Moore CG, Schenkman M, Kohrt WK, Delitto A, Hall DA Corcos D.Study in Parkinson Disease of Exercise (SPARX): Translating high-intensity exercise from animals to humans. Contemporary Clinical Trials.available online: 14-JUN-2013 DOI information: 10.1016/j.cct.2013.06.002

Stevens-Lapsley JE, Balter JE, Wolfe P, Eckhoff DG, Schwartz RS, Schenkman M, Kohrt WM. Dose-Response Relationship of Quadriceps Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation with Strength Recovery after Total Knee Arthroplasty. In Press: Journal of Physical Therapy.

Schenkman M, Baron A, Hall DA, Schwartz R, Kohrt WM. Specificity of Exercise for People in Early and Mid-Stages of Parkinson’s Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Physical Therapy, In Press

Stevens-Lapsley J, Kluger B, Schenkman M. Quadriceps muscle weakness, activation deficits, and fatigue with Parkinson’s disease. Neurorehabil and Neural Repair, 2011 Dec 2. [Epub ahead of print].

Hebert J, Manago M, Corboy J, Schenkman M. The effects of vestibular rehabilitation on MS-related fatigue: a randomized controlled trial. Phys Ther. 2011;91:1166–1183

Stevens-Lapsley JE, Schenkman ML, Dayton MR. Comparison of self-reported Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) to objective measures of performance in patients after total knee arthroplasty. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Jun 2011; 3(6):541-9.

Nordon-Craft A, Quan D, Ridgeway K, Benson A, Moss M, Schenkman M. ICU-Acquired Weakness, A clinical Perspective, In Press: Phys Ther

Schenkman M, Ellis T, Christiansen C, et al. Profile of Functional Limitations and Task Performance among People with Early and Mid-Stage Parkinson Disease. Phys Ther 2011;91:1339-1354.

Ene H, McRae C, Schenkman M. Attitudes of people with Parkinson disease toward exercise following participation in an exercise intervention study. JNPT, 35;34-40, 2011

Schenkman M, McFann K, Barón, AE. “PROFILE PD”: Profile Of Function and Impairment Level Experience with PD. Clinimetric Properties of a Rating Scale for Physical Therapist Practice. JNPT 2010;34:182-192

Morris ME, Martin CL, Schenkman M. Striding out with Parkinson disease: evidence based physical therapy for gait disorders. Phys Ther 2010;90:280-288.

Christiansen CL, Schenkman ML, McFann K, Wolfe P, Kohrt WM. Walking economy in people with Parkinson’s disease. Mov Disord. 2009;24:1481-1487.

Schenkman M, Jordan S, Akuthota V, et al. Functional movement training for recurrent low back pain: lessons from a pilot randomized controlled trial. PM&R. 2009;1:137-146.

Jankowski CM, Gozansky WS, Van Pelt RE, Schenkman ML, et al. Relative contributions of adiposity and muscularity to physical function in healthy older adults. Obesity. 2008;16(5):1039-1044.

Schenkman M, Hall D, Kumar R, Kohrt WM. Endurance exercise training to improve economy of movement of people with Parkinson disease: three case reports. Phys Ther. 2008;88:63-76.

Hearty T, Schenkman M, Kohrt W, Cress ME. Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance Test: appropriateness for middle-aged adults with and without Parkinson’s disease. J Neurol Phys Ther. 2007;31(2):64-70.

Books and Book Chapters

Schenkman ML, Bowman JP, Gisbert RL, Butler RB. Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation. Pearson, Boston, MA, 2013

Schenkman M. Current concepts in rehabilitation of people with Parkinson disease. In: McCulloch K, ed. Home Study Course, American Physical Therapy Association, 2011


 Honors and Awards

Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association, 2008

Jack Walker Award for the Best Article on Clinical Practice published in Physical Therapy, 2007

Bob Doctor Service Award, Colorado Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association, April, 2007

Research Award, Neurology Section, APTA, 2004

Marian Williams Award for Research in Physical Therapy, APTA, 2003

Golden Pen Award, APTA, 2003

MIT/MGH Career Development Award in Biomechanical Engineering, National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 1989-1990


 Links of Interest