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Events In & Around the Physical Therapy Program


 October 11, 2014 - Acute Care Update: Optimizing Rehabilitation in the ICU

As more patients survive critical illness, physical therapists services must complement the highly technologic, and life-saving medical therapies found in the intensive care unit. This course is designed to enhance the knowledge base and clinical decision-making skills of participants to engage critically ill patients in safe, effective treatment including early mobilization.​​​ Learn More or Register

 October 2014 - National Physical Therapy Month

  • October 3rd - Posture Screens
    12:00-12:50pm, Ed2 North, Room 2301
  • October 6th - Lunch Presentation
    "Expanding the Role of PT​'s in Health Care,"
    presented by Justin Clifford PT, DPT, COMT
    12:00-12:50pm, Ed2 North, Room 1102
  • October 8th - Bike Fit Clinic
    12:00-12:50pm, Ed2 North, Room 1102
  • October 20th - Lunch Presentation
    "Specific Interventions Affect the Pain Systems Differently,"
    presented by Bahar Shahidi PT, DPT
    12:00-12:50pm, Ed2 North, Room 1102
  • October 22nd - Lunch Presentation
    "Pilates for Rehabilitation,"
    presented by Lise Stolze MPT, DSc, CSCS, PMA®-CPT
    12:00-12:50pm, Ed1, Room 3400
  • October 31st - Posture Screens
    12:00-2:00pm, Ed2 North, Room 2301