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Exploration into Healthcare at Kisiizi Hospital


Kisiizi Hospital is a not-for-profit healthcare center located in Southwestern rural Uganda. It is an 8 ward, 250-bed hospital, serving a population that is spread over hundreds of miles. The patient population is principally faced with malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition, and obstructed labors. Student’s initial objective at Kisiizi was to learn about how medicine is provided in the facilities and their outlying satellite clinics by participating in ward rounds and conducting patient interviews and exams. To focus in on the type of projects that students could accomplish and importantly, what the hospital needs most, a needs-assessment was done by interviewing staff members and making general observations.

Summer 2009
Students continued the CU GHT project started the previous summer by re-administering surveys that had been given to hospital employees the previous summer, tracking advancement in immunization and distribution of bed nets to hospital employees. They also worked on improving conditions in Kisiizi hospital by writing an orientation guide for other international students working at the hospital in the future and by organizing medical equipment and supplies donated by Project Cure.

Summer 2008
Student findings reinforced the belief that developing a project centering on staff health was of value. A survey administered to Kisiizi staff focused on two themes: one part centering on the usage of bed nets and frequency of contracting malaria among staff and their families, the second part evaluating the immunization status of the staff and their contact with vaccine-preventable diseases. Based on the results, the next major goal of the project is to bring greater government awareness to the hospital and to raise funds for the administration of full vaccines for the hospital staff, while also acquiring bed nets for all the hospital staff and their families.

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