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Continuing Medical Education Mission

Improving knowledge, competence, and performance

The University of Colorado School of Medicine (SOM) is located at The Anschutz Medical Center and is part of the only academic health science center in the State of Colorado and in a large portion of the Rocky Mountain region. As a SOM, we have 3,000 full-time faculty and 2,500 clinical faculty in a state of over five million people. We envision that continuing medical education and professional development is a strategic asset of the SOM and its core clinical facilities, of its full-time and volunteer faculty, and of physicians and other health care professionals throughout the region and the United States.


Our fundamental purpose is to improve knowledge, competence, performance or health outcomes.  We will accomplish this through continuing medical education and professional development that:

  • Is linked to practice and focused on health care quality gaps
  • Supports physicians’ maintenance of certification and maintenance of licensure
  • Fosters collaboration within and among health professionals and their institutions to address quality improvement
  • Addresses interdisciplinary team practice
  • Is independent of commercial interests

To the maximum extent possible, we believe it is part of our mission to engage with the healthcare environment.  As a medical school, we also value scholarly activity within the discipline of CME.

Expected Results

We expect our physician population to develop and apply new evidence-based strategies for the problems they face in practice.  Ultimatley, we expect that physicians will carry out their practice in better ways and improve health outcomes.

Brenda A. Bucklin, MD
Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education